Sunday, June 5, 2011

Adventures in Parenting

This is what Miss B looked like on a Friday when we went on a field trip. She and Dolly enjoyed trying on the pioneer type clothing from the Civil War era. Dolly likes the Little House picture books so this was right up her alley! (note the outlet in the background!)

The following Saturday, the 2 oldest children and I were preparing for a trip out of state to attend my niece's high school graduation. I knew the event would be too much for Miss B and we agreed that she and daddy (who had to work) would stay home.

In the busyness of packing suitcases and doing chores at the house, I was doing laundry. The large capacity washer and dryer can hold a lot of little clothes and those were the ones I was washing. I folded them all in the basement and headed upstairs to find these out on the bathroom counter...

a wastepaper basket pulled out with shiny, long, red deposits in it and this little face, Proud as Peacock!

This is picture was taken after she was informed that cutting her own hair is not a good thing. She put her hair in the trash and tried to clean up and was honestly proud of herself. But this picture is the one where I removed the hairy t shirt and put her in her bed for time out. Pitiful isn't it! I totally spoiled her party!

Since I was heading out of town, I called My Dear to tell him and emailed a picture to a friend who does magic with scissors. My Dear took our lopsided- head child to church and my friend Sam met them there to clean her up after the service. I called home and asked My Dear how it looks, "You will just have to see it, " he said!

Hum, wonder where she got the idea for such a short hair cut? Miss B. and me and our summer hair! I must say, I like her short hair but it could be because I am a big fan of this little girl!