Saturday, April 9, 2016

Update and Top 10 List!

Thank you to those of you who gave towards Dolly's Zoo Birthday!   I have been told that more money is coming in but as of today, the total received for the zoo fund is over $600!!  It is not too late to contribute.   Dolly wrote a persuasive essay today for her school work to push along the process on the zoo.    THANK YOU for being a part of that!!!

A team from our sending church is here this week!   You can imagine the kiddos excitement to see friends.   We have a heavy school week ahead of us. I am pretty sure school will travel over into Saturday this week as we try to do work and participate in the cool stuff the team will do.   It will be a game of balance.   I hear visitors ask the kiddos if they "have to school" today.   I am sure at times it just does not seem cool to be doing school with opportunities all around us. The Lord has not called us to "unschool" so we school....and yes, I used school as a verb.  This is a struggle for many homeschoolers but it seems more challenging on the mission field.  There are always people in need.  Thankfully, we are able to guard this time and our ministry supports us in that.

David Letterman used to do a Top Ten List.   Here is a take on my own, not in order of importance:

Top 10 Ways You Know You No Longer Live in the U.S.

1.  A team comes to visit and ask what "treat" they can bring you and you request Dawn dish soap.

2.   Your teenager and preteen are excited about the fancy fragrances of the newly delivered dish soap and sniff them to decide which bottle to use first...cause they WILL be using it!

3.   You get a package from a loved one and inhale deeply of the fabric to "smell" your loved one.

4.  You give the article to your teenager to smell and without mentioning the sender, they take a whiff and say, "Aunt Dee?"

5.  A small reminder of "things" you loved while in the states, Bybee Pottery, brings tears to your eyes when someone sends a small  bowl from their collection to you.

6.  When your child request a baby doll with the same skin color of the people in your new country.  (Oh man, it is such a cute doll too!)

7.  When your child goes to their friend's house and "playing in the tires" was on the list of things they did.

8.  When drinking water from a plastic bag is cool.   It is our Caprisun!

9.  A hand written note is love with an envelope around it.

10. You are humbled over and over again by the love and generosity of others.