Thursday, September 29, 2011

The One Room Schoolhouse

I picked up a box of flashcards in the $1 section of the states with some information on each card as well as location. We do what we call, "The Nifty 50 States." The children have developed a journal with a spread for each state. Dolly started her journal last year. As she read or learned about a landmark, she recorded it in her journal. It was her journal that assisted in our trip to D.C. this year.

Each of the big kids draw 2 cards every other day or so. They list the state and capitol in their journal as well as anything else they know about that state from their cards and from their sibling's cards. They locate the state on the map and practice saying the capitol. Billy is learning to spell the states as well. He is quite proud of spelling Massachusetts and Dolly is of course proud of
They are making travel plans and hopefully all of the early American History stuff we just learned is falling into place for them as they see the locations. They both like "Nifty 50" and quiz one another as well. They like it so much that they told me to "blog it."

We started dental health this week. We soaked an egg in vinegar to learn about acid destroying the enamel on our teeth. We then checked some food labels and Billy had a talk with someone he cares about, concerning their diet. One day this week while reading, Billy said,"Can we hurry up because I feel like I really need to go brush my teeth?" I love when the lesson sets in immediately!

One of the benefits of our one room schoolhouse is that older siblings are both students and teachers. B. knows what the school time routine looks like and chooses what she wants to work on. I was not sure how she would approach schooling this year but she has progressed greatly! She can not only cut hair but on a line too!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


On this day in 1789, Benjamin Franklin organized the first United States Post Office. It is located in Philly! While we were in Philly we stopped by the B. Free Franklin Post Office which is still in operation.

Franklin named it B. Free to aggreviate the British.

With that being said, we say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE!" Thank you to the men and women that work in all kinds of conditions to bring us greetings, magazines, packages from grandparents and Amazon and for bills....(well, 4 out of 5 goodness is not bad!) Our family says, "SALUTE!"