Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mud Puddle Pile Up!

Some of our favorite people came to visit us today! The children played outside most of the day and were catching lightening bugs this evening. Then their parade was rained on, literally, or was it?

Fun splashing in the rain!

But the rain turned into so much more! Look at this face (and shirt!)...

and these and oh my that buttom! Never thought the rain fun would lead to mud fun!

But I guess this free-God given version of a slip-n-slide will do it! They had a blast! Fortunately for our friends who traveled to see us, we had bought them new PJs for their birthdays!

I am doing laundry now, have any hints on how to get those clothes clean? If not, looks like another donation to a local mechanic!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Journey to Vietnam

My Dear returned from camp #2 on Sunday afternoon. I was to be in KY for the bridal shower. We met and I gave him two more children to add to the 17 he had with him. L. and I did not return home from the shower until late due to a bridge being closed...such a long journey home through the unknown.
With all that being said, I neglected to inform My Dear of an informational meeting at the church on Sunday afternoon. He took the older kids to ride dirt bikes while I had B. at home for a nap, yep, both of us. I awoke at a quarter til 4. Surprised My Dear was not home yet, I called to learn he was riding with the kids and decided I would just wake sleeping baby to go with me. Then I realized he took the van, I did not have a car seat. Called my neighbor secured a car seat and then realized I did not have keys to the car! She offered me her van but we live close enough I would take the bike. THIS BIKE~

NOT THIS ONE-oh you thought we sold it, we did this one is another story!

I buckled little darlin's helmet on and we were off her bib flapping in the wind. By this time, I had about 4 minutes to get there. I am on my bicycle! Although I do enjoy being active, it does not always fit with 3 different developmental levels and responsibilities. I took a short cut through the neighborhood and then through a school all comprised of hills. It was WORK! I reminded myself of when you think you can not give anymore, that is when you start to push. I knew I was going to be late so I was pushing that much harder. We made it, and it was actually fun! B. hopped off the bike and ran inside! She loved it! I got a pen and a piece of paper and sat down in the meeting. Our friend Bob looked at me and said, "Are you alright?" Makes me laugh to know it showed on the outside too OR maybe I really smelled at this point. Regardless, I was determined to make it to this meeting and I did! The speaker said it will be cool to see how God will work in each of us. As far as I am concerned, it already has been!

Friday, July 24, 2009

On My Desk....

My desk is a type of To-Do list as well as a catch all. Tonight it holds:

1. a shower gift for my soon to be sister-in-law who has a bridal shower tomorrow-lots of driving for me but we love this girl!
2. kindergarten lessons-I have the plan books but need my own planning book and L.'s books have been ordered. As soon as they get here, we are getting started with this one!
3. a green ball I could not find when I gave a friend the toy it goes too. Hope I can keep it hidden here until I see her again.
4. an empty Silly Putty egg and I am a little concerned about its contents (1) because baby girl has been crawling up here and (2) I have really enjoyed playing with that stuff and noticed, believe it or not, I skip an evening snack if my hands are busy. So glad L. won it at the library for reading 300 minutes! (but seeing that she does not read yet-I guess I earned it for reading to her!)
5. AWANA catalog time to order for this great ministry! Anyone want to volunteer?
6. information sheet for the Vietnam trip there is an informational meeting for those seriously interested on Sunday afternoon. I will be there!!
7. Artwork made of markers and stickers because I don't have the heart to throw it in the recycle bin. Likely to come to a Grandparent near you!
8. Plastic covered wires off of C's new toy that he saved up for with his yard sale money. My aunt recommended them to use to tie plants up because they will not rust. My Dear will appreciate them for his mini tomato garden. C. found the toy $5 cheaper at another Wal Mart vs. our local Wal Mart.
9. Receipt for jeans I returned for My Dear. I am horrible at buying clothes for him! I look at the price tag first, he does not.
10. Pictures my dad took of the big kids playing ball and made them into magazine covers. They are super cute and he added some humorous text. The kids thought they were real magazines! Plan to frame them and display with their trophies.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Favorite Vegetable

A couple of years ago, My Dear took our little man cub to his first Men's Shoot Out. The Men's Ministry at church hosts an all day event of food, ATVs, target stuff! We tend to feed our kids what we eat and since his plate was prepared by a CARNIVORE-CARBOHYDRATE KING, I wondered what he ate so I asked him when he got home that night. He said brownies and apparently, a lot of them! I asked if he brought one home for me and he responded with, "tell me something you don't like?" I assured him if they had nuts in them I would eat them. Not good enough for him so I finally responded, "Peas-I don't like peas." "Yep," he said, "they had peas in them!" Peas has since then been a joke between us.

Fast forward a few years-the boy loves breads! I cut a piece of fresh baked bread for him that a friend had made. As he went to take a bite, I informed him it had peas in it. You can image his surprise to look in his bread and see green! The joke was on him and he now has a new favorite vegetable! (Thanks Janet!)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Faith Boots

When my brother was little he had snow boots that reminded me of something an astronaut would wear. Whenever I hear of someone talking about stepping out in faith, I think of those big ole' snow boots. No, the boots in the picture are not them-those are fireman boots according to our son who wore them at 2 1/2. Faith boots are much bigger and frankly, they are a little harder to walk in. In fact, they are uncomfortable! As I type this, I have my Faith Boots on! No, I am not wearing snow boots but the image of those navy blue snow boots. My friend Fay is wearing a pair too as well as our friend Bob. Chelsia, a student, has at least one boot on and a few others are looking at their boots considering climbing in. We are Faith Walking together. We have the opportunity to wear our boots for 11 days to Vietnam and care for orphans there. We are praying, getting our passports ready, packing, preparing our families, praying, checking the weather in Vietnam, praying, and waiting on God to get us there. The boots require less of me and more of Him. I will keep you updated as we embark on this journey wearing out Faith Boots.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Virtual Yard Sale

As you know I am cleaning out! We had our box demolition to celebrate our achievements BUT we still have a few items I am sure we could find a good home for! So, I typed a list of about 20 items and emailed it to some homeschooling moms, daycare providers, and moms of preschoolers-honestly, just about 10 people. Well, I am now gathering items in bundles for those folks to come pick them up! Some things I am giving away and some I am selling. It is a double blessing-something for them and less for me! So, do I have something you are looking for? Better check with me soon cause it is moving on out of my basement!! Need to make some room for the neighborhood boys to have Nerf Gun Wars!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Half Way to Christmas!

If you read any of my Christmas suggestions you may remember that we were planning our own 1/2 Christmas Celebration for June 25th. You know what I learned about June 25th? It is just as busy as December 25th! Nana sent the kids Christmas crafts to do which are still undone. One thing that we did do was to raid the library for Christmas books. They are readily available in June! June 25th hit while we were in the last week of baseball, training camp, and the parents in for a visit. It was one of those weeks where we were supposed to be in 2 places at one time, so much for our Christmas Celebration. Although we did enjoy the books! I bet somewhere within that week, B. was forced to wear a Christmas bib because all the others were piled into the mounds of neglected laundry. It was a thought.....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Holy Spirit has....

My friend Shannon and I teach 3 year old Sunday School. At 3, we usually get kids that cry on their first, second and maybe even third time to church. We also get to be the first to teach kids to participate in a group learning time.
It is so easy to fall in love with them, even the ones that need love the most. Isaiah was one of those kids. He could not stay still, he interrupted with unrelated questions and comments, he was all action all of the time. BUT Isaiah was always ready for a hug and always made us laugh! Three years later, he still calls me,"teacher."
Our church hosted a Training Camp. Mr. Isaiah was there and ready to play basketball. I went to Spiritual Training the same time he did. One night, the plan of salvation was shared and kids could talk with their coaches if they wanted to make a decision. A few of those kids were baptized today. One of those kids was Isaiah! I know I cheered longer and louder than anyone else in the building, in fact if our little man had been standing beside me, he would have elbowed me to quiet down! Isaiah will have a life and all of that energy will be used for the Lord!
I went to hug him after he dried off and was clothed. He was so eager to make his rounds, he had no time to talk. But later he spotted me and one of his family friends on the same row and joined us. He belted out, "How Great Is Our God!" when we sang and my heart swelled! I could not open my mouth to sing but worshipped through a little boy's words of praise. As the teaching time rolled around, I gave him the sermon outline and a pen. He filed in the blanks with letters and some words he made up. The last blank was so profound to me that I ripped it off and gave it his grandma. He completed the last blank with,
THE HOLY SPIRIT HAS Isaiah. Yes, he sure does!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Clean House

A few months ago, I watched television! It is a rare occurrence but somehow I got stuck on the show Clean House. I guess it made me feel better about my own house. They clean everything out and stick it on the lawn to sell. Zoe Elmore encouraged the liberation from stuff on her blog as well. So I cleaned out-bathroom cabinets, bookcases, the basement, storage shed, closets and anything I was tried of picking up or stepping over-out on the lawn it went! It went well and a few of my favorite charities benefited as well. Today, the girls helped me pull all of the empty boxes to the drive-way to be taken to the recycling center. We played "blocks" with them and then tried this for our celebration with others joining in later.....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Sock Test

Finally broke down and bought myself some new summer socks-that I will wear year round. Mopped the kitchen, hallway, and baths on Thursday. The yard sale was Friday. Wore my new socks through the house on Saturday...

So much for new...should have spent the extra few bucks for the grey bottomed ones but instead, I will just make them grey myself!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The past two weeks we have...
1. been at the baseball fields 4 nights a week.
2.coached a sports training camp for one sweaty week.
3. hosted the parents visit from Florida.
4. hosted another set of parents for a weekend.
5. hosted a bridal shower 2 1/2 hours away.
6. hosted a yard sale.
7. sat in the rain for 2 out of 3 baseball games on the 4th-with little man bringing home a league champion trophy!
8. swam
9. went to the zoo on the hottest day of the year with my siblings, parents, niece, and nephew.
10. went to the free movies and story time at the library.

We have loved it! But, today, we are resting and apparently I am not the only one that needs it.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ball Field or Mission Field?

I was DREADING baseball season! Don't get me wrong, I love watching my darlings but I don't like the demands of baseball games and practices. This year, instead of one player, we had 2. L. played t-ball and C. was beginning his first year of coach's pitch. In t-ball, everyone wins including me because My Dear coaches and I can skip any practices they may have. But coach's pitch was 2-3 times a week and one of those nights was Wednesday nights-church night.
My Dear and I both have teaching responsibilities on Wednesday nights and Man Cub was finishing his year in AWANA-and that was priority. I let the coach know of this priority from the get-go. C. was able to play for about 30 minutes of the early games before we had to leave and would miss the later games. The little guy did great with this and it was worth it to him to have the 30 minutes to play while little sisters and I picnic dinnered in the stands. With 2 kids playing, we were at the park 4 nights a week with "Little Miss Striving for Independence" in tow. Do you see why I was dreading this?
God had plans for me at the ball park other than cheering like a wild woman! (Which I am VERY good at-thankyaverymuch!)
I met other moms! One mom I sat and chatted with through the 2 hour long coach's pitch practices. She spoke of disagreements in her marriage and concerns for her children. She knew we left early on Wednesdays but did not know why. One night, My Dear was able to pop in for "changing of the guard" so I could head on over to church. I said something to him about church which this mom overheard. It opened up more discussions. It was simply an opened window and I was privileged to be sitting there with this sweet mama.
Another mom I met, reminds me so much of my life long friend who lives back home, so I immediately liked her. Today she gave me a note that humbled and encouraged me. Although she handed me a note, it was more like a pom-pom to my heart!
I am reminded that where I am, IS my Mission Field. I do not work outside of the home and some days my interactions with others is limited to our little people but I am on My Mission Field. For my teacher friends, their mission fields are at school, for others factories, as a consumer-the stores we shop, as a little league mom-the ball field, the library on story time days and so on. . With that being said, I think I am a little sad that ball season is over but am so glad for the dusty fingerprints it has left on new relationships. Huh, wonder what God thinks about a Pool Ministry? Heading back out to the field!