Friday, March 14, 2014

Baby Steps

A few years ago, our friends from college shared with the world that they were taking their 5 children and moving to Africa.   As she shared steps of the process, I began to look at the "stuff" in our home differently.   In fact, I would say aloud, "Yes."   "No."   "Why do I even have that?"   I was asking myself, if it were worth taking to another country.   My girlfriend teased me that I should be careful cause I might be next.   Sure enough, God was grooming the "stuff" through her move.  

At this point there is still so much in the way that I think, "IT CAN ALL GO!"   In fact, one night at AWANA I realized I had left a window open at our home.   My 6th grade friend, Trinity suggested that someone might break in and steal something.   Her leader looked at me and smiled and said, "that might be a good thing."   I totally agreed.  

But truly when it all comes down, I am holding on to those finger paintings.  I look at the toy kitchen and wonder if my children would want that for their own children.   Seeing that the littles are under the age of 13, it is a hard call.   I caught Dolly in a daze looking at a toy she played with as a toddler.  It is all stuff and I am consistently, inconsistent in the way I look at it.   Most days I just want to scream, "GET IT ALL OUT OF HERE!" 

Truth is, our Billy enjoys bamboo sticks.  Our Dolly, has a friend over that just asked why she had cardboard in her bedroom floor.   The girls are in the bathroom right now putting foil on their baby dolls giving them highlights.   Duck tape will keep them busy for an entire roll.   Miss B. has a collection of water bottle lids to glue to the bottom of tissue boxes to make dinosaur feet.   So why do I stress!!!  

Seeing there is so much to do, I want to celebrate baby steps!
1.  My dentist appointments are out of the way and I left encouraged by a new mom who was just "filling in" and is watching her husband grow in Christ.
2.   My Dear has began his dentist appointments.
3.  My eye doctor appointment is complete with new glasses ordered from a staff that encouraged me and cheered us on in our journey.
4.   Appointments made for the rest of the clan for the eye doctor.
5.   Two children have well visits this week.
6.   Order math and Miss B.'s school books for next year this week.
7.   Bought some birthday/Christmas gifts for Billy, Miss, B. and some to leave behind to be shared after we leave.
8.   Have located a family that is willing to meet with us who speak Creole!   This is big stuff cause we live in a less than diverse community.  They are only 15 minutes away and they contacted us as they heard we were looking for assistance with language learning.   WOOT!
9.   New leadership to take over my responsibilities with our school group.
10.  A replacement for my role in teaching Kindergarten Sunday School.
11.  Oh, sold a large, antique piece this week and found a home for some memory rich pieces of pottery.
12.   The expired passport has been ordered!

They may seem like baby steps, but they are steps!  

My Dear has a big weekend this weekend in his ministry.   Prayers appreciated.   He will teach/share/preach this evening and again on Sunday morning and our Tall, Dark, and Handsome will be a part of it.

Now, must go.   There is mop water waiting to be dumped and naked beds waiting for clean sheets!   Leaving you with this photo, from papers I have gone through.   Billy, Dolly, and Miss B's flag all from their first grade year in school.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another Step

So, this arrived in the mail today......another step of the adventure begins...language learning!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Three Months Until Launch

We are 3 months ahead of launch...the only thing I honestly feel as if we are "ahead" on is in our school work.   PRAISE the LORD!  

I have written lesson plans out for the remainder of the school year.  It thrills me to see subjects come to completion.   I see the light at the end of the tunnel.    I brought the planning book to My Dear and said, "This NEVER happens!"  God is so good!  With schooling finished early, I can move old materials on, store others away for the younger students, and pack up school materials.   It is a incredible chunk of time that I will gain as well.  

This morning, we received a call from parks and rec in our community.   They asked if our guy would be signing up for baseball this year.   My Dear was awaken by the phone and answered, "No, we are moving to Haiti."   Poor lady, I heard her say, "Wow!....   Ok.....Good Luck with that."   I giggled and said, well that is one way to tell folks!   Just seemed so know like a person who just woke up might talk!

Several folks have asked how the kids are doing with the transition.   For the most part, they are doing VERY well!   But sometimes, there is some "sorting" that we go through.

Tonight as Dolly and I were going through clothes, she began making plans....cause that is what she does.   I simply reminded her of our timeline.   She realized that our time at our church is limited and I pulled that little heart nestled into a growing body into my lap and just let her know, I get it.   She shared all kinds of concerns and sorrows and I shared that I too had to deal with those and that we would just do it together.   She wiped the tears away and I assured her that my tears will fall too.

Billy, thinks he has found a home for his hamster Peanut but has decided maybe he would want to take him with us.   Today, I began to clean off a piece of furniture to get rid of it and he thinks he might want to take that too.   I stepped back and told him we will continue to think on these things.  

We have been in some contact with a family serving in Haiti that has 2 children close to our kiddo's ages.  I was very excited to share that with the girls.   So Miss B. has been praying for more than 2 friends.   Today, while reading our friend's blog who is in Haiti,  we saw the faces of 3 more little girls that could be "friends."   Miss B was all smiles!  She is not able to comprehend the magnitude of the move on her friendships but knows she will miss them.

Our Tall, Dark, and Handsome has decided to stay "home" and finish his senior year of high school.   His housing arrangements are made.He started a new job last week and his progress report from school was refrigerator worthy! 

We received some support last month that brought me to tears.   The encouraging notes were so very precious to use.  We were so humbled that God would see fit to allow us to even know people that love Him that much!  

As time gets closer the challenges will change, as with everything.   As of right now, we have appointments with doctors, the dentist,  and more to schedule.   I have a passport to take care of, visas to prepare for, puppy records in order, houses to sell, stuff to pack, stuff to get rid off............a GREAT big God to rely on, worship, praise, and celebration!   Now, that second part sounds like something I will go do now before the "to do List" makes me a Nut Job!   What a fantastic journey!!!!!!!!

Please pray for our home to sell and that our neighbors will be blessed by the new owners.
Pray also for our Old KY Home to be sold and God to be glorified through it.

Thanks ya'll!