Monday, June 29, 2009

Advice for The Bride

Yesterday, we had a bridal shower for my brother's, soon to be wife, Katie. Those in attendance gave the Bride to be Advice. Here is how our 5-year-old completed the following sentences:

Never go to bed without "brushing your teeth."

Always remember to "potty before bed."

The most important job a wife has is to "take care of the kids."

Try not to get angry when your husband "says No!"

At least once a week, try to "brush your hair."

If your husband has a bad day, "take him to Chuck E. Cheeses."

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Prayer Request!

Tonight, a set of new parents are sitting in a hospital. Their baby boy born yesterday. The pregnancy was considered at risk so mama took extra special care. Baby Jackson arrived 3 weeks early weighing 7 lbs and 14 oz. I do not know Jackson's parents but his Grandmama is just that GRAND! She is my cheerleader. Their family sits in another state, crying and praying as Baby Jackson is in ICU for bleeding on the brain. Will you please join me in praying for this little one and his family.

Dear God, I see Mary's face as I teased her calling her Grandma, her big, beautiful smile! They are so excited about this baby and have covered him, his mom, and daddy in their prayers. God I pray for healing. I pray for healing over this precious baby. For the strength the family needs as they await your will for Baby Jack. I pray that Mary and Ken will enjoy Jackson's fingerprints on their recently cleaned glass door. That Jackson will ride on a firetruck with his daddy. That his mom will wonder what she did with her time before cleaning muddy little footprints off of the rug and looking for the recipes for homemade bubbles and playdoh. I pray that Jack with have date nights with his Aunt Andrea and Uncle Ben so that mommy and daddy can have date nights as well. God, I pray that his parents will know the thrill of all the first, first word, first steps, first smile, first time riding with no training wheels, first soccer goal...all of those things that make childhood. Heal this baby's body that he might be a testimony of what happens when Your people pray. Thank you Jesus for the blessing of knowing this family. In your name I pray, Great Physician, Amen.

Monday, June 22, 2009

"I'm Bored!"

Television and games systems make children less bored then ever. But, I have heard that boredom is great for a child. It is through boredom that they begin to think, investigate, grow curious and then spring into action.
I have a couple of young guys in my life that I can not image ever being bored. One of them is a natural boredom buster. He is curious and gusty!
When boredom almost hit shortly after summer break began, this game emerged! NET BALL. The boys were tossing football and decided to retrieve some fishing nets along with a butterfly net to catch the ball with while playing 'Monkey in the Middle.' Monkey in the Middle is what we called 'Keep Away' in my day. The boys played for hours each day. When one kid went home, I was invited to play and because they are such gentlemen, I never had to be in the middle. It was quite fun! Had I not needed to keep up with a toddler or prepare dinner, I could have hung right in there. Two of the three nets have since been repaired with duct take or a tie but are still perfect for NET BALL. It is the invention of games like NET BALL or Lego creations that makes me eager to see what will happen when someone at my house says, "I'm bored."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The 2s are Tumbling In

B., so proud that mama understood that she wanted yogurt as a snack. She retrieved her own bowl and attempted to open the fridge. She gets so excited when we understand that she "jumps," which is not quite off of the floor yet.

Our little lady, is just that- little! In fact at 20 months old, she has yet to reach 20lbs and has to eat her drive-thru burger in her rear facing carseat (before you freak please know that she has a sibling beside her and looking at her from the back of the minivan.) Her clothes may say, size 12 months but she is becoming a 2 year old!

I am a BIG fan of 2! They are learning to do things themselves and began to communicate what did not come out of their mouths before-at least that is true for our babies. It is so fun!

Because of her small frame, I forget what most children her age are doing. I can just pick her up and hold her with one hand-she is very conveniently packaged! BUT she is showing me! She mimics conversation. I don't know what she is saying, but I can tell by the tone if it is a question or even a retelling of a story or situation. She will also call through the house as if she is calling for her siblings. She understands so much of what we tell her and either follows the directions or melts with a broken heart in disappointment. She is just a little sponge-see why I love the so called Terrible Twos?!

This little lady has a lot to teach me as she begins to emerge. She is all dressed up in her sister's clothes and ready to take on her world. What a joy to be Little Miss's Mommy and see the world again through almost 2 year old eyes.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Almost Missed It!

My Dear gets plenty of calls of folks needing help. He has to discern those phone calls. Thursday, he got a call. He then called me to tell me that we would be hosting 2 "guys" in our home for dinner Saturday night and they would be sleeping at our neighbor's, which is also his coworker. Let's just say, I had my concerns! I have 3 children to protect! If our friend Tanya was on board-then I guess I was too!

MAN-I almost missed a blessing!! Kurtis and Tom are riding their bicycles from Colorado to New York. Tom maps the journey and Kurtis calls churches seeking housing. They bike about 60 miles a day. These college students did not even train for this trip but just went for it! Our Man Cub was most excited about meeting these guys and Little Miss likes having guest in our home, so they were checking the clock all afternoon. My Dear chose to meet them on our bike-baby seat included! So of course the big kids had to go too!
Our friend Tanya decided to fix the meal which was fabulous! We talked a lot, they played RISK 2210 AD, and used the computer to download pictures and memories. There is something about God's people, all you need to have in common is HIM!
I talked with Kurtis about my fears with their visit. He helped me to see that it is the same for them, they don't know who they will be in contact with either. In talking about their journey of faith I was reminded, "Lord when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you ?" "He will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.' Matthew 25: 44-45.

We know that Kurtis has to get home some how and we are hoping that he will retrace his steps for another visit with us although this time, I think he is considering riding a motorcycle!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Warm Weather Water Fun

When I was in high school I volunteered to help with VBS at my church. This activity is engraved in my brain because it was so much fun! As you can see, some 20 years later, it still works!

Fill a bucket or bowl with water and give them a household paintbrush. They will love painting the driveway, rocks, or brick. They watch the colors change simply because it is wet. You may need to set your bounders on what gets "painted" but the kids are sure to have fun and get a little "paint" on themselves as well. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

#8 You Shall Not Steal

We had lived in our home less than 6 months, when someone stole our car. Our parents wondered where we had moved for such a thing to happen, I began to wonder too. The car was not fancy. In fact, it was old. But to us, it was our freedom car. It was just what we needed: reliable and paid for! The incident jolted me a little and I wondered who would steal a car with a carseat in it? It was a crime that shook us and our security. I would never do that to another person!

As I read from J. Johns book, I began to evaluate stealing and how easily it is done. God revealed to me things that I have done that are stealing. Not tithing, not tithing enough or lying on your taxes is stealing. I have heard someone say, they were not going to pay someone back because they, the "giver" would not be expecting it. When you do not pay for services, you are stealing-wonder if our renter is reading this?
J. John suggested you take a look around your home to see if you have borrowed things and not returned them. Those things began to smack me in my face. Our friend made dinner for me one night when My Dear was out of town-that was at least a child ago! Tonight, I returned her plastic dish with an apology. I have a pair of basketball shorts on my desk that were in My Dears' collection. I had a picture of My Dear in those shorts on Facebook and got a post from a former youth saying, " I miss that guy! I miss those shorts!" Even though Casey is away in the military, I am mailing his mama those shorts.
My printer is broken. A few weeks ago, My Dear printed coupons for free bowling for the kids at work. I had copied our passports for our trip and the baseball schedules to give to parents from there too. God showed me that I was stealing again. I put 10 cents per each copy in an envelope and dropped it off with a note for copies. There are items in our house that have not made it their homes. To be honest, I am embarrassed it has happened! Most of it was "harmless" on my end but then again, I did not lose anything, someone else did. I have stolen time and joy from others too! When I was a little girl, I would evaluate what sins I committed according to the 10 Commandments. I recall days that I thought I had not sinned and told God, "thanks but not thanks" for forgiveness. But we know that "all have sinned" Romans 3:23. My stealing is still a sin, one I am working to fix. We think stealing has to be like our car,breaking into someone's home or copying a movie but it happens most often in the workplace when employees steal from the company they work for. It could be copies, paperclips, or car parts but it is all a sin. Take a look around you, are you stealing too? Then fix it!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I am on a mission to get clutter free! I spend way too much time picking up and taking care of stuff in our home. I realize this since Little Lady rearranges everything she touches. We are gathering it all up and sticking it out in the yard with a FOR SALE sign on it. We have stuff we do not use and sadly, we have stuff we do not even like!

The goal is to take the money from the sale and assist with another clutter in my life-debt. Although this clutter does not lay around my house, it does clutter my life. We recently sold My Dear's motorcycle eliminating the last of the student loans! My Dear was pleased it sold quickly and for his asking price. I love the debt gone and one BIG piece of clutter gone as well.

There is clutter in our schedules. Gymnastics ended freeing up 3 hours on Friday afternoons. Baseball is in full swing but we are enjoying this short season in our lives. Man Cub is doing so well and Miss Sunshine is enjoying the new friendships and daddy as coach. She is also pretty proud of her uniform. I am avoiding the temptation to do all that summer invites.

The 4th clutter in my life is the largest but least likely to be seen by onlookers, the clutter of my heart. Getting rid of the sin, temptations, and potential family curses and giving them all to Jesus who died for me. It is baby steps all the way around, but progress none the less. It is decluttering my conscience, the pruning and allowing me to grow. It is a life long process so I continue to strive to be Clutter Free!