Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Sweet Visitor

Tonight I was told I had a visitor, this cutie came to our house (letting his parents know that he wanted to come to the door himself.)   He handed us an envelope of coins and bills that he had earned by selling baked goods and lemonade to assist with our move.  How precious is he!!     

Thank you Jace (and his mama and daddy) and the continued support and encouragement you give.   You bless us!  Love you guys.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Somewhere Between Frozen's "Let it Go" and Kari Jobe's "Steady My Heart."

Last week I caught myself matching up our possessions to those who would receive them.   I wiped off Carolyn's table after a meal.   I vacuumed the back of Tracee's van wondering if it would be the last time.     I folded the laundry that I pulled out of Josh's dryer.   I wiped down the walls and thought of the new fingerprints that would be added to them by other children that would call this house home.   You know, I think I am even more careful and respectful of those things because to me, they belong to someone else and they are simply allowing me to use it.

I pray for those families.   I thought of the little fork holes at the end of the table from our Billy and wondered if a little someone might soon sit in that same spot and rock his mama and daddy's world too.   God please bless them with children when they are ready.   I prayed on the person who would pull their clothes out of the dryer.   Would there be a wife to add her clothes to the laundry?   I found myself thanking God for the precious man and for the one he would call his wife.   I also gave God a suggestion or two about the wife....even though I know His plan is WAY better than mine.   There is no point in trying to hide it from God, He already knows so might as well get it out there!

I thanked God for orchestrating an immediate connection with the person who needed our van.   I was introduced to her and quickly realized we had mutual friends as we had been members of the same church before moving to Hoosierville, just at different times.   This is not the first interaction of God arranged meetings because of a KY Wildcat t-shirt.

Anyway, it is a new place for me.   New, but good!   Each day, God readies my heart for this journey.   I am no longer tearful but understand that others are in different places and tears may fall for them.   But He is preparing my heart for Haiti.  I am so very grateful for His perfect timing.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Making It Fun!

What do you get when you have old financial statements, sticks, leaves, and kids looking for adventure?
You have a reason to roast marshmallows!
Every little act feels like progress as God continues to groom our hearts for another land.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Yiggity Yard Sale

 The lemonade stand was a hit!   Who wouldn't want to purchase something to drink from these two, their dogs, and Ally the alligator....okay, never mind, don't answer that question! 
Our precious friends, Matt and Joanna Black wrote a song called Yiggity Yard Sale and this one was indeed yiggity!

In an attempt to defray the cost of our moving expenses and to free ourselves of EXCESSIVE possessions, we had a yard sale.   My neighbor teased me about the traffic jam the sale caused.    (By the way, we have wonderful neighbors!)  Wednesday, a friend stood standby to help but as appointments go, our scheduled collided and it didn't work out.   BUT God sent a knight in shining pick up truck to our drive way at just the right time so the tables were delivered.   Then another friend showed up  to move boxes and unpack and another to bring the supplies to  scoop up some ice cream cones for us all to enjoy.

Thursday, a message arrived that a friend would be here at 1.   Then another arrived, then another, and yet another!   It was just what I needed to keep going.   These ladies brought donations to help raise funds in rubber totes that they said I could keep after the sale because they knew we needed them to move.  They carried, moved, priced, giggles, shopped, and BLESSED me!   One mama took Miss B. to dance class with her to buy me more time.   Some stayed even after I left and worked away.

Friday was the sell and they showed up again to help in anyway I needed or to guide me in what I should be doing because the task seemed overwhelming at times.   The lemonade stand was rocking with Miss B and Dolly with baked goods she had prepared along with some that were donated.   Our lunch was delivered on Friday by a sweet mama who then stayed and shopped.   Folks from area churches came to hug me, speak words of encouragement and find something they could certainly live without but just wanted to bless us....and they did!   It really was way more than I anticipated!

The girls were rescued from ladies that love them and they love for a "date" so not to have to do the yard sale for 2 days.   They had a blast and indeed needed to be away from it all.

We were so very encouraged by the love of the church and our opportunity to bless others by making deals.  It was good to watch it walk away with new, happy owners!   I have noticed the blessing was even bigger if the children knew the child their possessions would go to.   It just makes it easier.  We were able to share a bit about what God is doing in us and our call to Haiti.

The house is still in shambles from the aftermath.   There is still more to do, but this weekend is over and we are indeed more blessed than tired.   It was a good weekend and allowed me to work along side of my friends at least one more time.  There is less on our plates to mess with in terms of possessions as we continue this journey and God continues to bless us through others.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Many have asked.....

Many have asked about our raising support and what that means.   We will not be supported financially by Baptist Haiti Mission which means the money given to that organization does not pay staff but are used for the projects, education, and supplies needed to Grow the Church in Haiti.   For those who support the ministry, this is GREAT news that their dollar is stretched all the more.

Our financial needs are met by our friends, family, and bodies of believers.   This means we have to "raise" our own support by asking people to support us.   This is uncomfortable!!!   Our parents taught us better ya know!   It is also uncomfortable in the area that My Dear, has to rely on others to support our family.   As a man, that is tough.   But the truth is, we know it is all a God thing and yet another area that He is growing us.

People have been so kind to ask how they can help and what we might need, well, here it is.   We have received a few one-time  contributions which we are so VERY thankful for.  We are looking for people to partner with us in giving monthly.   It would be automatically withdrawn each month and could be any amount that you want to give.   Ten dollars is not too small!  This would continue until you cancel it, you have control over it.  Baptist Haiti Mission will get 100% of those funds to us divided up throughout the year just like a monthly paycheck.   They take nothing out of it, BUT hold us accountable to what is given by insuring we do not have an abundance.   Once again, they are making sure that the funds are not wasted nor that we get rich......even though by Haitian standards we are already rich.   This is another way Baptist Haiti Mission makes sure that financial contributions are used as they are intended.

Our family will live on $2000 a month.   This is how we will eat, tithe, cloth ourselves and our children, purchase school materials, send our children to college, support the children that we sponsor, you know, live.  

A form is available for submission to the Baptist Haiti Mission to make a monthly financial contribution.    Click the direct deposit link and a form will appear.   In the middle of the form, there is a blank that allows for names to be listed...that is us.   Print it and mail it to the address listed at the bottom of the form.   Please indicate in that blank, our names.   If you should have trouble using this and would like for me to email you a form I can do that too.   

Another need is prayer support.   I will attempt to use the blog, email, and Facebook to communicate our prayer needs.    Currently our pray need is that of the transition.  The transition in our home no longer looking like it used to, possessions leaving, routines interrupted, time running short with family and friends, funds being raised, and our hearts as they make this very bumpy transition.   Pray that Mark and I can assist our little ones in this transition as we ourselves are on this journey.   It reminds me of the roads in Haiti.   They are a bumpy, dusty, hot and some sickness does set in but once you arrive, a mountain of green surrounds you! 

We are humbled by the love that you have shown us..............thank you friends.