Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Somewhere Between Frozen's "Let it Go" and Kari Jobe's "Steady My Heart."

Last week I caught myself matching up our possessions to those who would receive them.   I wiped off Carolyn's table after a meal.   I vacuumed the back of Tracee's van wondering if it would be the last time.     I folded the laundry that I pulled out of Josh's dryer.   I wiped down the walls and thought of the new fingerprints that would be added to them by other children that would call this house home.   You know, I think I am even more careful and respectful of those things because to me, they belong to someone else and they are simply allowing me to use it.

I pray for those families.   I thought of the little fork holes at the end of the table from our Billy and wondered if a little someone might soon sit in that same spot and rock his mama and daddy's world too.   God please bless them with children when they are ready.   I prayed on the person who would pull their clothes out of the dryer.   Would there be a wife to add her clothes to the laundry?   I found myself thanking God for the precious man and for the one he would call his wife.   I also gave God a suggestion or two about the wife....even though I know His plan is WAY better than mine.   There is no point in trying to hide it from God, He already knows so might as well get it out there!

I thanked God for orchestrating an immediate connection with the person who needed our van.   I was introduced to her and quickly realized we had mutual friends as we had been members of the same church before moving to Hoosierville, just at different times.   This is not the first interaction of God arranged meetings because of a KY Wildcat t-shirt.

Anyway, it is a new place for me.   New, but good!   Each day, God readies my heart for this journey.   I am no longer tearful but understand that others are in different places and tears may fall for them.   But He is preparing my heart for Haiti.  I am so very grateful for His perfect timing.

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Linda Vogel said...

I love you so much my darling little sister and am very grateful to God and you for sharing your life with me. The good and the not so good parts. I have LOVED seeing the healing process and know that we share the same DAD. You and your family are precious to me and I am one who is and probably will continue to shed a tear here and there. But it's all good because I too know that God knows best.