Sunday, November 4, 2012


This morning a young woman hopped around the church and shared with me that she was singing a solo.   I aked her in what part of the service because I did not want to miss it!

As this middle schooler stepped toward the microphone and sang about our incredible God, my eyes began to fill with tears.

You see two years ago, this little lady came  to our AWANA club via the bus ministry.   One night she got very upset with the directions that were given to her and I had to  literally use safe physical managment techniques to contain her.   She is my height and could probably flatten me.   My friend, Tom, stood close by making his presense known as he allowed me to work through this struggle with her.   It left me mentally, emotionally, and physically whipped!  BUT, for some crazy reason,  she continued to come to AWANA.   I sought her out each week in attempt to mend my relationship with her.   It took a couple of weeks but she slowly allowed herself to warm up to me again. 

This kid, this same kid, now, 2 years later....God is faithful!  SO faithful that her parents have not just allowed Christ into their lives but are attending our church, ministering in a church plant and volunteering in AWANA!