Friday, June 7, 2013

Trading Places

My Dear planned a mission trip for next week.   His summer is FILLED with camps and mission trips.   After posting the trip for weeks, only girls signed up to go.    Hmmm.....   They just happen to be going to a place close to my heart because so many that I love are near.  

So, we are Trading Places!   My Dear will be the stay-at-home-daddy and I get to be the "youth minister."   Well, actually, I get to be the chick driving a church van with some of my very favorite young women in it, my sweet college aged friend driving shotgun and a two young women that I am sooo looking forward to getting to know.

I am excited, nervous, a bit anxious....all of those emotions that come with stepping out of your comfort zone.   Oh, did I mention we will be doing construction!   See what I am sayin'!

I look forward to being with these young women, in this beautiful part of the country, in worship daily, serving tirelessly, isolated from all of my obligations at home, having people love on my little people, serving with other believers, loving on those around us and arriving home thrilled to see the fam, exhausted, blessed, and so very thankful for this opportunity.   With that being said, I need to print some forms, directions, and continue to get my heart ready for what is about to do!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Delights are what I call those gifts that God gives us that are reminders that He loves us.

I never purchased those tiny flip flops because tiny feet struggled to keep them on.   Our Miss B. is still pretty small but really wants a pair of flip flops.   I continued to forget to look at them in a discount store when we were there.   We stopped at a store recently to look at prices of shoes for me and she reminded of the flip flops.   We went to the little girl section to find $15 flip flops for little feet when the flip flops for me were $10 hum....apparently flashing lights in your flip flops raises the bar.   I was not willing to pay that.   But on the other side of the store were shoes for boys and guess what we found for less than a dollar Yep!   She was so thrilled she asked to sleep in them.    Here she is all ready for bed!