Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Week of Fun Schooling

The core Math, Language, Phonics, and Writing are finished for the year leaving fun stuff! We read everyday, work on handwriting and can truly enjoy more Science, Social Studies, and one another.

Monday we biked to piano/ music lessons. B. was asleep before I loaded her to come home. Yes, a child can sleep through the helmet and all the straps snapping her into and then out of the seat as well as the the bumps inbetween.

Here are a few other perks from our week....

Animal Classification project-we have talked about the names and characteristics and have even sorted plastic animals but now we are creating our own classifications with old magazine pictures! B. loves the glue and worked on cutting.

Thankful for warm, rainy days with a toddler who dresses herself and her siblings who are not afraid to get a little dirty. In fact, Dolly and a friend washed the plastic pool out today. It was loaded with bubbles and so were they!

Catching tadpoles at a local oasis! The family uses their property to educate children about nature and the God who created it! B. liked playing in the sand and Dolly was all too soon in the water!

Man, Billy's grandpas would be proud. He rode this boat with Dolly but later paddled a canoe with another child and then a paddle boat. He was the water tour guide.

Taking a hike to see some pretty cool, local stuff! Billy was able to identify the prints of a deer and a sassafras tree. He also located Baby (doll) Moses nested in a basket in the reeds of the water. He found a fresh water mussel. Do you know they are on the endangered species list due to being used to make buttons? I am sure the raccoons in our area do not help with that either. But I would think as often as they are in my garbage, they should be satisfied.

What a great week God has given us to learn together.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Raising Wimps

I love our AWANA T&T clubbers! I want so much for them! Yes, they are children, but many of them have already invited Jesus into their hearts. My concern is that I do not see an authentic reflection of that relationship(as a group anyway.)

I have been reading One Million Arrows by Julie Ferwerda. I began reading it while flying to Vnam but did not have a pen to write in it so I had to stop reading. I only made that mistake once! My Dear is reading, Do the Hard Things by Brett and Alex Harrison. Both books push our children to do more. What is it that makes us think our ministry does not start until we are adults and ends at retirement?

While teaching these 3rd-6th graders, I gave the students minutes to come up with a list of what God did. When it was time to share, most of the comments were about what He created not so much about what He did. One child did add that He sent Jesus to die.

I made a quick list going through Genesis and partly through Exodus and the excitement brewed in me as I read what GOD DID! He created, flooded, gave a baby to barren woman, turned a another into salt, burned a bush but did not consume it, turned a rod into a snake, a well hand sick and back again, and then the that is only through Exodus 11!

In Genesis 21:8-18, He is the God who answered the cries of a boy not of his mother! He even tells Hagar it was the cries of her son, a child that he answered!

God is not waiting for our children to grow up to use them, HE WANTS TO USE THEM NOW!! The moment they ask Christ into their lives, the same God that DID, wants to DO through them.

In her book, Ferwerda gives many examples of children and teens making a difference. But parents it is up to us to move our children that way. The church is not responsible for your child's spiritual growth, they can only supplement it! Why is it that your child's homework is ALWAYS done but they come to church or AWANA Clubs without a book or Bible because they can not find it?

We have recently lost a piano lesson book in our house. Do you know why? Because no one has been practicing with the book so no one noticed it was missing. Is that the case with the Bibles and literature at your house, the literature that tithers paid for your child to have.

Please hear me, I am not without fault in this area. But the same God that held the sun in position for 2 days so that Joshua could win a battle is the same God that entered the hearts of Billy and Dolly and that I pray on for B. and the other children God puts in our lives. He wants them now. So when families say, "he is just a kid" I agree, he is, "God's kid!" My choices on behalf of any child put in my care are to lead them to Him. I do not want to stand before God and have to explain why I did not grow a child to give all of themselves to Him.

I know the joy of seeing God at work! There "ain't no way" I want to keep that from a child who is ready to serve the water-parting, giant-defeating, walking on water, resurrected God!

May Godly conversations fill your home as you acknowledge the blessings that God has given you and what you see Him doing. Encourage your children to join in and call them to do "harder things."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What Can Happen Over Lunch

After a packed weekend and a rainy morning, we were moving slow on Monday. We had no place to go so it worked out perfectly! The children voted for pizza for lunch so we sat to eat. We were pretty much finished eating when Dolly says to me, "I need to accept Christ." She has made this statement before but when we asked why, her answer was, "so I can get baptized." As the momma, I need to be ABSOLUTELY sure that they know what they are doing and why.

So I asked her why she needed to accept Christ. She explained,and I asked questions. Billy was biting his tongue wanting to answer for her. She then announced that she was going into the other room to "do it." We stayed seated at the table. She then returned around the corner and said, "Well, I need you to hear me!!" (in her best duh tone!)

We decided to call My Dear at work, put him on speaker phone and Dolly started a prayer that went, "Dear God, I hope you are having a good day" and ended with, "please come into my heart." As soon as she said Amen-My Dear began cheering, B. started clapping and Billy and I were both grinning from ear to ear (with momma sporting moist eyes.)

I thanked God for how he orchestrated the day even down to the frozen pizza! For today was Dolly's Spiritual Birthday!

She got on the phone calling the grandparents, some other family members, then to her Mami and our dear friends from college. Each phone call, she would have the speaker phone on and each person celebrated over her. Her face was a plastered smile!

We put a note on her AWANA leader's FB wall and she told me to include lots of "excitement marks" at the end of her message.

Such a big day for her and a big day for us too! She chose to celebrate with Chinese that night-buffet not carry out (she was specific) and we were happy to treat even if it was off daddy's diet!

She has already picked out the clothes to be baptized in....I think the girl is pretty excited! She told me a year ago that she either wanted to be baptized where Billy was (the Jordan River) or the City Pool! I think her heart has changed on that one too!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monumental Mommy Day

Well, it is gone! We took down the crib today. Between Billy and Dolly, there was no time to take it down! We took it down for a year or so before B. arrived. We have used the crib off and on for 8 years!

This time taking it down feels different. I wonder if we will ever put it up again. I wonder if our next child will be a baby,preschooler, school aged child or if we will only be Spiritual parents again. The easiest part of the wondering is that I don't have to know! God knows so we will wait on Him and hang on to the crib just in case. Not sure who would want Dolly's chewing marks on their crib anyway....but I sure love them!

The children were so excited to celebrate the "big girl bed" with B. They washed it off from storage and all piled in. At this moment, our tiny B. is sleeping soundly in her big girl bed, which is tiny, just like her!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Group Effort

Last weekend, in the rain, we had a yard sale to raise money to pay for My Dear's upcoming mission trip to Hait*. I mentioned the sale to the kids and asked them to go through their belongings and find donations. Dolly was on it! This is the child that wants to keep everything but for this cause she was ready. She even priced her own items. Amazing enough, they sold for the price she put on them!

Billy gathered several little cars and we decided they would be perfect for My Dear's suitcase and small enough to fit in his pockets to give to the Hait*an Children.

When My Dear began to make plans for the trip, Billy gave him a bank. My Dear would drop his change in it at the end of each day. B. saw the pattern and would find coins to add to the bank. On one occassion Billy asked to purchase something. When I asked how much money he had, he said he did not have any because B. was taking it from his room and putting it in daddy's bank. After he mentioned it, I realized my my wallet had been clean of coins!

The children have counted and rolled the coins for their daddy and have called him at work to annouce the total. Sending daddy has become a group effort, even Little B. has done her part!

Last week, I walked past the bank to see B.'s most recent donation. The girl has a heart for missions already! Too bad her sister's play money is not accepted by our local bank.