Wednesday, May 27, 2009


When I began setting up a blog, for some reason, I did not even think about naming it! What is the first question it ask, " What is the name of your blog?" So I panicked and named the thing. I did not know what it would be about even. At first I thought it would be about parenting and what My Dear and I are learning about parenting children toward Christ but then it became more then that. So here I am, unhappy with the blog name and certain that we are not living up to our name. So, want to play along with me and send me a suggestion? I could use your help, you nutty people who click on over my way! Since you are reading, you are probably the ones who would know best. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anything I Say, Think, or Do

Man Cub defines a sin as anything we say, think or do that makes God sad. One day, as we were discussing a verse he was learning for AWANA, we talked about sin. As we talked, the THINK part really clicked with him. I probably did not get that until like, LAST YEAR or something! He looked at me so serious and said, "You mean if I think about something like, punching my mom , that is a sin?" First off, I am pretty sure that is not just some random example! I sat and listened and smiled inside that he used such specifics for his example. I asked, "Well, what is a sin?" He repeated the definition and when he said THINK, he froze with a look of shock that he had been sinning. It was so precious to me! Not because he was busted for the "punch mama" part but because he understood and had reached another level of spiritual maturity. To follow up this discussion, I began confessing some of my sins out loud with the children at bedtime, the ones I thought they may identify with, not all of them because they do need to sleep! Our friends have already shared their idea of the children participating in a thanksgiving session- adding confessions went right along with our thanksgiving! Even though I may not be aware of their understanding or all that they had done that day, at ages 5 and 7, they were able to identify at least one sin and usually more whether I caught them in the act or not. One night, out of exhaustion, one of the children could not think of anything. The other child proceeded to tell them what they needed to confess,but true confession has to come from our own hearts--although isn't just like us to have our eyes on others! This little accountability group has also made me more aware of the sin in my life, no matter how great or small it seems. It is anything I say, think or do that displeases the one who loves me most and the forgiveness from that leads me right into a thanksgiving session.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Similar Shade of Green

We are reading this book in Homebuilders class at church. I love my time with these folks! It goes so fast and I look forward to it every week! That is just a sidebar. Anyway, we have started our study on conveting. I have fallen in that trap so many times as you know without reason! I am blessed and then blessed again! The author, J.John mentions that we think other's grass is greener and we busy ourselves coveting it versus, looking at our own grass. So, here is a shade of my grass for a couple of days this week-there are weeds so be careful not to trip up in them and covet my grass as you read, cause you have your own Bluegrass!

1. Wanted to buy my friend a book that really ministered to her when she borrowed mine. Well, this week-I WON ONE! Called my girl right up to tell her the good news!

2. Sold a chunk of books I bought to resale and have made my money back on them fairly quickly as well as gotten the books our classroom needed.

3. Have felt insecure around a woman that I see weekly and then ended up having to set up my book sale booth right beside her. Our girls played together and we could SO be friends!

4. My husband has a job that allowed him to take our quality time-Man Cub with him to work the day of the book sale. Man Cub did his school work while daddy worked, enjoyed the vending machine and got to attend a party. Soda and inflatables, bet the little guy is feeling the calling to ministry now! Miss Sunshine went with him for a little while this morning and got her soda. I think this one is 4a. and 4b because ,what a dad!

5. A precious woman in our church is no longer able to operate her home daycare and homeschooling, she blessed me with boxes of materials and sweet folks to deliver them.

6. Only after I got home from church Wednesday night, did I realize I did not have bread to make lunches for the following day. Our neighbor had came over with a bag of goodies from the "old" bread store- donuts for breakfast, and a loaf of bread for lunch-a God of details!

7. We got a new phone and internet service. It is cheaper and packs more punch! Which means, My Dear is gaming right now and I am here-it is a beautiful thing!

8.My Dear called to inquire about our cable bill and actually got the amount reduced to less then we have been paying.

9. My Dear finally broke down and bought a For Sale sign for his beloved motorcycle. I know it says, "For Sale" but it says, "I love a chic with 3 carseats" to me.

10. Had plenty of help with Sparks at AWANA on Wednesday night and had an email the following day of a young woman who has "fallen in love" with some of the older kids and was asking permission to pull double duty and work with both groups.

11. I put the most precious little people to bed tonight and well, that grass, is a list in itself.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Energy Efficient?

Although my post on my cloth diaper failure may disqualify me as the Green Machine Environmental Queen, I know that I can still make a difference! We read the labels, paid the higher price and loved the idea that we would not need to change light bulbs but every 7 years especially since I aviod having lights on much of the time. After we bought the fancy energy efficient bulbs, we learned so much more! Do you know that these expensive bulbs contain mercury? Do you know that to dispose of them, they have to be taken to a hazardous materials waste sight? Lucky for me, our recycling center accepts them but how many people know that and take them there? Another fearful factor for me is that if they are dangerous to dispose of, what happens when a ball flies across the room, knocking the lamp over, breaking the bulb, and exposing our children to this poison? I cringe when I see our lamp teeter on the table. This is enough to scare me and convince me not to buy the bulbs anymore. BUT I won't have to think about replacing these for 6 or 7 years since we just installed them less than a year ago, right?....

...and then again, maybe not! Heading out to buy some good 'ole cheap, glass bulbs that will not poison my children or the planet my grandchildren will inherit.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Great Dress Hunt

Last week, I had to pick up diapers at Sam's and spotted these cute little dresses in my price range. In fact, I could get both! I was so eager to find a dress since a date night was mentioned at my house and an anniversary is coming up. I was trying to decide on colors and styles with my friend Nancy. I then asked her 6 year old daughter, Lorin. Lorin's response to the black dress was, "It's too ringy." I thought "ringy" was cute! PLUS it matched those new black sandals I bought for the prom. You see, if I want to dress shop it will likely be at Sam's or the produce aisle of Aldi's grocery, that is just where I am! Sam's has everything you need but dressing rooms so I grabbed the dresses and headed home. A few days after owning 2 new dresses, I tried them on and guess what, "too ringy!" Not only too ringy, too ringy all over-I was officially wearing a tent! I have some of those dresses in the basement in a storage tub labeled-MATERNITY. The other cute sun dress would be fun for summer and I could slip it over my swimsuit as a cover-up. This sweet dress showed too much, just the opposite of "ringy." In fact, is showed so much that I wondered if I should be hauling the Maternity tub upstairs! (Note to our parents, I just said I looked like not that I was! No need to start making blankets.) I hear this is the style. Yes, that is the style for me when someone is growing in my womb. Since there is a vacancy there, the search continues!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Lesson From Cloth Diapers

A friend posted a question about cloth diapers on Facebook. So I decided to revisit those expensive little things. I really wanted to use them. They are better for the environment and some research says they are better for baby. I tried, I wanted to, but I don't know that they are for me! I know cloth diaper mommas are right now thinking, "She did not really want to use them or she would!" You know how I know? Because I have thought the same thing with other parenting issues-judgemental, I know. If people REALLY wanted to do it, they can. But here I am with cloth diapers-I want to use them,but I don't!

A young couple had their toddler at the cold splash park yesterday. Her little suit bulging over her cloth diaper. I felt inferior knowing that they were succeeding at something I felt I had failed at.

I have felt eyes watching me at the library and at gymnastics as I juggle our 3 little people. All of them in different locations, doing different things, with their different interests and personalities. Other moms looking on from the bleachers while I am in constant motion with a limit testing toddler and her gregarious siblings.

We can not compare ourselves to others. I admit, I have wished that our children were even a tiny bit shy, soft spoken, and maybe even reticent but truth be known-they would never fit in our family! We can not compare ourselves to others. We have to believe in ourselves and our abilities to be the parents that our children need. After all, isn't it God who specifically placed them in our families? You are raising your family and we are raising ours. So moms, keep doing what you are doing for the people you love-they are your calling, specifically.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Art Portoflio

Our preschooler loves to make things. In fact her participation in story time at the library, church, and whatever she creates at home has left us with A LOT of artwork. Our artist is also very attached to her stuff. But we found the ticket to contain all this talent! I picked up a scrapbook at a garage sale. She puts her artwork in it instead of the fridge, her desk, floor...all the usually places. This is her Art Portfolio and it contains the best! She helps to decide which pieces go into the portfolio and which go into the recycling bin or are shared with others. This has cut down on the clutter for us and has given her a sense of pride in her creations. It stores easily by sliding onto the bookcase and she can add to it for years. It worked for us, maybe it will for you too!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Could it be?

We often get compliments on our children's hair. My Dear does not have any and I try to keep my dark hair short. Much to our surprise, our son has red hair! We both love red heads so we totally took that hair as a gift from God. When our daughter began to grow hair, wild blond curls popped out all over her head, which is a direct reflection of her passionate personality! When baby #3 arrived with the announcement, "it's a red head!" We both said, "NO WAY!" I think that red curls would just be the best of both worlds. Look what I spotted on her little head today!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Prom Update

So here is a picture! I could lie and tell you I am the thin, beautiful, youthful one, but I am not! Although, she is one precious young woman and the people at my house are quite fond of her!

The prom was so much fun and I will totally sign up to help again! I was in charge of the "back door" and was told no one was to come through that door. When someone knocked, I ignored it just to be safe. I ended up not opening the door for the assistant principals and their wives. I plead true to my orders and we got a good laugh!

My Dear got to park cars, lucky him! I had lots of nice people to talk with while at my post. What a blessing to talk with adults who love kids and are making an impact in their lives just buy showing up for work.

My Dear and I attempted to move to the dance floor with the kids. It was fun to watch them having fun! Apparently, some of them had discussed what My Dear's comments may be to them while they danced. As soon as we started to dance, one of them yelled at us, "You are too close, there is no room for Jesus!" Which we replied, " Good thing He is in our hearts!" Seems that is exactly what they had decided they would tell My Dear if he said something to them about dancing too close. The tables were turned! What a fun night! Wonder what the sitter will charge for both of us to get to go to the after prom fun next year? Better start saving now!