Wednesday, May 27, 2009


When I began setting up a blog, for some reason, I did not even think about naming it! What is the first question it ask, " What is the name of your blog?" So I panicked and named the thing. I did not know what it would be about even. At first I thought it would be about parenting and what My Dear and I are learning about parenting children toward Christ but then it became more then that. So here I am, unhappy with the blog name and certain that we are not living up to our name. So, want to play along with me and send me a suggestion? I could use your help, you nutty people who click on over my way! Since you are reading, you are probably the ones who would know best. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Shannon said...

Sorry, I am no help. This is only the second time I have been to your blog. I must say that Our Family Circus does make you seem touchable and real. At the same time I almost could see you using clips from the old comic strip that is funny, yet down to earth and comforting. Could be a cute direction to go in.

I also chose my name on the spur of the moment and used the name of my old home business ventures. Long ago I chose it because it covered a wide variety of things in my life and could grow with the changes that time brings.... for me it is about all the Little Things in my life.

Okay, now the reason I stopped by was in response to your comment on my blog. I just want to say thanks! Sometimes the simply things in life just slip past me when I am searching for a solution. You are right about kids will do anything to stay up later even schoolwork. So, I was telling my husband that I might tell my oldest that it is bedtime 30 minutes before her normal bedtime, then tell her she can stay up longer if she does some assignments for school. I do already let her read to make her sleepy if she can not fall asleep. Thank you!

zzzzzzzzz said...

How about:

Dear Jesus...

Then the subtitle could be,

One mother who desires to write Christ's love letter on the tablets of her children's hearts.

Just a thought.

Rena said...

Hmmmm...this is can be more challenging than some might think.

You know, when I wrote my post the other day, Is this the right group?, I almost titled it Keep it real.

One thing that prompted me--aside from the obvious message--was reading The Real Life of Sarah and thinking.

When I started my blog, I made a list of ideas for titles. The Real Life of Rena was one of them. Of course, I love The Real Life of Dan (the movie) but especially loved the idea of writing the reality of my life. Nothing phony or fake. Truth unscripted.

HEY! I like that title, too. Anyhow, I had a list and even included The Daily Mercies, the name of mine and my sister, Ginger's, meme. That was based on one of my favorite verses in Lamentations.

But all of that came after a failed attempt to start a Blogger blog. With the title...oh I cringe to share...Sugar and Spice and Everything Estrogen. I KNOW! NOT good! I was hoping to capture my life with all girls in a house with only one male--Joedaddy. Shudder! I was even pained greatly to find that, at first, I could not even delete that thing from the blogosphere. It's gone now. At least I think.

With your last name, it seems so tempting to want to throw it in the title. BUT, does it say "YOU" or what your blog is all about?

I do like Truth Unscripted. And maybe it's a little overused, but Reality Unscripted. From the outside looking in, I see a person who is real, sharing who you are, your family life, the good and the bad. And I love that!

I'll be pondering it and will let you know if I come up with something.

Just keep it real! ;)


Wendy Blight said...

I love Rena's ideas!

Hi, it's Wendy. I am putting together an e-mail list for the on-line study. Would you mind posting a comment on my blog with your e-mail or sending it to Thanks.

We are only two weeks away. I can hardly wait!!!