Saturday, November 5, 2011


Today we went to Bass Pro Shop to get a specific item. We chose that store because there is so much for the kids to see! Well, apparently they have started the Christmas season. Parents and children were lined up through the store to see the Jolly Ole Elf!

The line was L O N G!

Santa had extra elves on duty just for this purpose. I questioned our sanity even going in!

As I walked past, I noticed the children were dressed up for the very important meeting and of course photo! The children seemed to be waiting patiently probably due to the "better not pout" lecture even though the line was way longer than the words to the song. The line seemed to be parent "driven" so to speak, but I am sure none of the children complained! Those folks were willing to wait.

We had to fight our way by them again to leave and this time I had a less than happy preschooler. Here are the conclusions that I came to:

1. That would NOT be me waiting in a line that long with children!

2. One would only wait in a line that long for something they are passionate about.

So, what "line" or inconvenience am I willing to stand in for my passion. Even now as I type this my heart is convicted. Is my passion obvious to others? Is it obvious to those in my home? (man, that is the tough crowd that sees all the ugly!) Am I that passionate for the case of Christ?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lesson in Love

It is important to me that our children get to be with other children. It is especially true for our Billy since he is the only, well, "he" in our school. I was tempted to "pad" a group for Billy at AWANA to make sure he had a guy friend in his group. But God was just setting the stage. One of the young men placed in his group is not likely to be someone that Billy would hang out with. Billy is his father's son and likes sports AND likes to win! This little guy had played on a team with Billy years ago and it was his first time playing. We were all his cheerleaders, we just wanted it for him! Billy remembered this child as well and being human, he was not drawn to love him.

He admitted this to me and said that the child tells them every week that he is hungry as Billy gave the eye rolling expression. I responded that he probably is hungry. I know that Billy knows the greatness of our country and the poverty in many parts of the world but I am not so sure he ever thought about it being someone he knows. He was taken off guard by my response to his comment.

Tonight, as we were preparing to go to church, Billy seemed to be dancing around something. He finally asked if we could take the young man, something to church. I asked what he had in mind and he reminded me that he is always hungry. Although he wanted the child to have something, he did not want to be the one to give it to him. I left the ball , so to speak, in his court so we went to church empty handed.

After we got home, I took the girls to get ready for bed and a knock came to the door. Billy, pried open the door and said, "You know what I noticed tonight, he just wants stuff I have. Tonight he had a little car. It was pretty old."

Wonder what God will lay on my Billy's heart for next week. Although scripture memory would have been enough from AWANA, I am thankful that God is growing my Billy's love for others as well.