Sunday, October 16, 2016

Humility Block

When God called Moses to lead the Israelites, Moses had excuses.   Well, we call them excuses but Moses knew himself.   He knew his struggles, his past, his character, all that was NOT RIGHT with him.  He knew his sinful, struggling self.   Sometimes we use those as excuses and sometimes we think perhaps, the Lord needs to be reminded of our faults.   Aren't we kind to be so helpful to THE KING OF UNIVERSE! 

This is my Friday.    It happens pretty much every week that I am reminded of how unqualified I am to stand before a group of people and teach.   My Kentucky accent, that my southern friends say is northern and my northern friends say is southern, is not the best for teaching English.   I struggle with English and spelling!    Is there less judgment from others if I just admit it?  It will take me at least an hour to write this post and edit it.   I will publish it and edit it again.   After posting, I will find other mistakes... after it has been read and perhaps even shared.  

In quilting, a quilter will have one block that is intentionally not perfect.  It is called the humility block.  People do not even notice this in the quilt but the quilter knows.   Teaching English is a humility block for me.   I do not feel skilled, prepared, or qualified for this ministry but it is where the Lord has me.  Unlike the quilt, people can see my inadequacies, they are not hidden away.  I know I am not the perfect instructor.   I know that not every person is getting "it."   They are all at different levels and I am only one person trying to blanket all of the needs together. 

BUT, do you know what I know?   My students know that I care about them.   I am not perfect but, I am available.   I want them to succeed.  Some of them want to understand the English speaking staff they work with (can I end a sentence in a preposition?)   Other students want to earn scholarships and some just want to learn for better opportunities in this country.   I want that for them!

There are 4 areas of language learning, 7 intelligences in which people learn, 1crowded classroom, not enough chairs, at least 5 levels of learning (that is keeping them very broad), 1 day a week, for 1 1/2 hours, and 1 willing teacher.  Somehow, that all calculates for the idea English class in the Lord's eyes.  Who am I to argue with that?