Thursday, April 28, 2011


We have had a tree in our yard that has been dead since we moved her almost 7 years ago. It seemed tricky, at least for me, to take down because it is on a property line and could easily fall and damage a fence, a house, a play set, an outbuilding.... you name it- risky. I used to fear any strong wind, that it would blow the tree over our neighbor's fence damaging their property. I have lost sleep over that silly tree!

Well, the weather has been quite interesting around her the past few weeks. Last Friday night, we woke the children at 2 a.m. to move to our "mostly" unfinished basement due to a tornado or 2 in our area. The storms have been so often that Miss B. is not quite as rattled by the thunder. When she does get upset, she just runs to our bedroom and assumes the position-you know the one right between mommy and daddy!

Apparently, last night was just as eventful but I too have learned to sleep through the excitement. When I went toward the restroom this morning, I glanced out the window and to my DELIGHT, I saw this:

The old tree was down-really down! In fact, there is hardly a stump to mess with. It laid across the strange, kinda useless, little patio without missing anything that we could have lost or might have missed. I looked out, smiled and said, "THANK YOU GOD!" I am so thankful that old tree is down! AND you know what an old, dead tree means.....critters and lots of them. So the scientists went to work!

Billy said he could not wait to get to that tree so I knew we had to do some other school work first or I would lose him for the entire day! Billy armed with a tool kit, Dolly armed with a microscope and her nature journal and Miss B. armed with her flip flops headed out for what Dolly called an "ADVENTURE." I could hear their squeals and thrills with each new discovery.

Thank you God for delighting me in one less concern and for delighting the children in an adventure in Your creation!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Love Kept Him There

Over the past couple of weeks the Holy Spirit has shown me a couple of aspects about His death on the cross. Maybe you already, "got this" but here it is.

The sign language for Jesus is the middle finger touching the palm of the opposite hand and then repeated for the other hand. It helps to remember the nails that were placed in His hands (or wrist.) As I was teaching this sign to a group of little girls, I was able to tell them the significance of the middle finger in signing. It is an "emotion" finger. It shows mercy, love, those kinda things. It occurred to me as I explained the sign to the girls that it was because of God's Mercy for us that Jesus died. A person could have decided that the sign was with the pointer finger and no big deal, but it is not. It is with the love, mercy finger-that is what held Him to the cross. Our Mercy is through Jesus. The sign is Biblically correct and well, it preaches!

Along with this point, I learned this weekend that it was not so much Christ's love for us that He died because remember He asked that the "cup be passed." BUT Jesus did it because of His Great love for God, His Father. It is God's Mercy on us that Jesus died for our sins. It is God who gave His only Son. It is God who Jesus wanted to please and therefore died. It is God's Mercy, just like the sign language, that nailed Jesus to the tree.


Monday, April 11, 2011

You Might Be a Homeschooler If...

As soon as the children get their chores and school work finished, I can answer "yes" to most anything they ask. This keeps them pretty motivated. So motivated in fact that this is what I found after a little "break" in our day.
You might be a homeschooler if...............

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Where You Go, I'll Go...

The week prior to our Spring Break, we were loading buses and vans to send children home from AWANA. As we were lining up and getting head counts a 12 year old decided she needed to go find her friend. I told her no that she needed to stay with the group and we would insure that her friend was on the bus. The child, same height as I am, pulled away in anger and giving me an ear full. I held on to her until I was able to position her in a corner for her to calm down. The entire time I am in this situation, she continues to "let me have it" and I continue to repeat the instructions to her.

Two things that went through my head....#1. I am not very strong, mental note to eat before AWANA because this confrontation was physical draining. #2. So this God, is why you had me teaching special education and going through the training for safe physical management.

You will be pleased to know that "the friend" was on the bus the entire time, but I now had a new enemy and a bus ride to take to talk to a mama. I rode in the back with other children to bring some kind of peace to the ride.

The younger sister of the 12 year old rode in front of me. The chewed me out the entire way to her county line home! I responded very little and talked to the children around me. I knew that my lack of response would be new to her. In fact, she did not know how to take it. It was sad and I tried to not let those words hurt my heart or the love I had for the child. So, I did what I had to do. As she continued to go on and on about something she truly knew nothing about, I closed my eyes and began to sing aloud. I knew it would catch the children off guard but I needed to say it out loud!

Out came Tomlin's, "Where you go, I 'll go. Where you stay, I'll stay. When you move, I'll move. I will follow you." I repeated the chorus, again and again. At first the children fell quiet and listened. Then the "abuser" began again. She continued until we got closer to home and then she popped around and immediately began apologizing. I did not make it easy for her and had her name the specifics of why she was apologizing. This then opened the door for me to tell her why I do what I do. Why Troy, the bus driver, picks them up. I told her about the Jesus in my heart that allows me to love her and forgive her. I will be honest, it was draining. But this I know, He called and...."Where you go, I'll go."