Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I want to give my children the thrill of Christ at Christmas-is there a thrill any bigger? I am going to post several ideas. But would love to share memories from the past before we heard the pitter-patter of little feet in our home.

The Christmas we were engaged to be married, my precious husband-to-be and I, stole some time for my family's activities to savor the season. We headed to the yard with the Word and a flashlight and read about the love between a man and a woman. The love that keeps a man to care for a woman who was not carrying his child, claimed to be a virgin (how believable would that have been?) and was shunned by all. A man that heard the word of the Lord and although scared and confused cared for this woman. A woman, but still a child, who felt alone and scared but with faith to say, "be it unto me." All she had was this man, who she needed to believe her. All he had was this woman who needed him and their God who found them favorable. What a lesson for a couple about to be married, 1 man + 1 women + 1 Lord = a unity.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

What she really needs...

I am blessed with 3 sweet children! That is my bias opinion-obviously. But I have been told numerous times how sweet our daughter is. People are naturally drawn to her. She is a very sweet kid! It is as if she has "FREE HUGS" written on her forehead. I have to admit that her needs are so different from our little "man cub" that at times, I just do not get her and we both end up frustrated. How could someone so precious and loving throw her mama into a tail spin? So what is my problem?

I recently read the following quote which has shed light on what this precious child really needs from me. I look forward to lovin' on her as she needs to be loved on!

"A child needs sympathy hardly less than he needs love;yet ten children are loved by their parents where one child has his parents' sympathy...[It] is unquestionably true that in no way can any parent gain such power over his child from the shaping of the child's character and habits of life as by having and showing sympathy with that child."

Henry Clay Trumbull
Hints On Child Training

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Slow Fade

When Mark and I were dating, I decided to no longer watch any rated R movies. THEN a movie came out that we both wanted to see, A Time to Kill. From the title, you can tell the rating. The first scene of the movie was a crime against a child. Note, I had not seen any violence in a movie (and had no time for TV) for quite some time. When the scene flashed across the screen, I went into somewhat of a panic attack. I had my head buried in my knees while Mark held me continually saying, "let's go, we can leave, let's go!" I was too paralyzed to move. The movie was still louder than my crying. Why am I telling you about this embarrassing situation?

The movie situation is evidence of a Slow Fade that the band Casting Crowns sings about. Crime and violence had become part of my entertainment when there are people everyday that are harmed- they are someone's son, daughter, mom, grandparent, brother, neice....they are loved by someone and I am being "entertained" by their harsh reality. That stuff REALLY happens! It is not hard to see this type of "entertainment" on our local televisions stations--think about it! (Need help- CSI, Criminal Minds....)

It is not just violence either. Someone gave me Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook to read. Yes, it is a great story BUT when I got to the part of adultry and wanted it to happen-I knew that the Slow Fade has happened again!

We rarely have the television on in our home when the children are awake for this very reason. They do get to watch Saturday morning programs and PBS has some kids programs in the after school hours. It is totally worth guarding them but I have got to guard me as well. In our world, we even have to be careful about the bumper stickers we read!

A friend of mine tells this analogy. You can put a frog in a pan of boiling water and he will jump out. But if you put the frog in the pan and slowing heat the water, he will stay and die. It is a slow fade.

Proverbs 4:23 reminds us "Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life."

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quarter Moon

Last week, the big kids wanted to go to Mark's volleyball game. I attempting to clean up the kitchen after dinner. Mark said he would take them with him and I could come pick them up when I was finished so to get them to bed. Driving home after picking them up, Clay and Lydia discussed the moon. They were debating on if it was a quarter moon or a half moon. I too wondered. It was a little more than a quarter but less than a half. I shared that I did not know if there was a name for that. Lydia spoke up saying, "Let's just call it a penny moon!" So there is Lydia's 1 cent worth of insight!

Little Lady

Tonight, I picked up Miss Blake at the nursery. She was walking around without shoes. I asked about her shoes wondering if they were a problem. I was told, Papaw Butch (as the church calls him) had asked her, "Blake, where are your shoes?" She walked away and returned carrying her shoes. She had taken them off and then when asked about them, she delivered! So all of those conversations we pretend to have with her are not in vain.

Clay and Lydia have another little game they like to play with her. They will ask her silly questions and she will shake her head no. For example, "Blake, did you eat your fork?" "Is Clay silly?" "Is Lydia stinky?" We have only played this game at the dinner table. The big kids laughter fuels the game for our tiny comedian. She loves Clay and Lydia, as it should be.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lydia's prayer

Saturday we met Aunt Kim, Alex, and Ryleigh to eat and shop. We went to Toys R Us. After our exciting day, Lydia fell asleep on the way home. I knew I would have trouble with her at bed time and sure enough, she struggled to go to sleep. She made several trips out of her room and would come and sit like we were going to chat. One time she entered to tell me she had been praying. She told God she wanted a Baby Alive and a swimming doll. (My opinion of these dolls is a whole 'nother blog!) After she shared her prayer with me, I was able to remind her that God knows best and she agreed with a confident nod. Miss Lydia is growing not only as a little girl but as a lady of faith. I see in her the Lydia of Acts-I bet that Lydia kept her mom on her toes and her daddy wrapped around her finger too! A friend commented that Lydia is so sweet, you can almost see the sugar sitting on her.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Ways I am blessed:
3 healthy children
a sweet, handsome,energetic.... husband
Clay and Blake's beautiful red hair
Lydia's curls
our precious families who love, support, and encourage us
a Lord, who knows my heart and still loves me.