Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Backdoor to Ministry

My Dear and I have supported our local Pregnancy Care Center since moving to this community. We have donated items, we walk in the Walk for Life, and host a table at the banquets. We get their newsletter and try to know what they are up to. My Dear has volunteered time teaching and has used the center's educators for youth events. We pray for the centers and with church members working there, we have learned even more about this ministry. With all of that being said, we know about this organization!

Today, I joined the staff of this ministry for my first meeting as a part time team member. It is way cool! God has been preparing me for this ministry for years, although I was unaware of it. In fact, if the opportunity to work for them had been handed to me at any other time in my life, I likely would have walked away.

Well, let me tell ya! Today as I sat at the table, for the first time with these amzing people, I heard testimony after testimony of the WONDERFUL things that God is doing in and through this ministry! These are people who are simply serving to educate another generation. They LOVE what they are doing and it shines through them. They become people who the young, scared, and "at their whits end" depend on and seek out for help. They are in our schools, churches, and in our communities. They are even sitting in their homes emailing questions and we may never see their faces. They are hurting. This organization is there for them!

So, I thought I knew about this ministry, but I did not know the impact they are having on our world one baby at a time. I know now that this position is not something I can do on my own but will be all about what God can do through me!

I am hanging on! Ya'll know how I like a little adventure!
Oh, and yes, Darla, you are a blog post!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Nana purchased the children sand pails and shovels to have at the beach while we were there. The kids were looking forward to using them. They used them in the house holding their goodies but B. really wanted to go to "Nana's sandbox."

We went to the beach and the parking area of course had sand in it. The children hopped out of the car and grabbed their buckets while My Dear and I unloaded the rest of the comforts for the afternoon. They collected sand into their buckets and were content to play with this small amount of sand.

They were completely satisfied with the sand in the parking lot but an entire beach of sand was just beyond their sights. Made me think of how long God has been waiting for me to come to the beach instead of "settling" for the sandy parking lot. What about you? What is it that He is calling you to do, to step out and trust Him? What is it that you are throwing into your sand bucket when He has a beach waiting for you? Wait no longer! Kick off your flip flops, grab your bucket, and join me! The journey may be bumpy but the view is AMAZING!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Heart Full

I know I have not be around much but God has been busy blessing me and teaching me. I wonder if I will look physically different soon! More on that later...

When God calls couples to ministry it often means that we are to leave our extended families behind. We miss out on Sunday lunches and holidays together. We miss out on the free babysitting services. Birthday gifts are mailed and since your time together is limited it is sometimes hard to know what to purchase for one another. God fills those gaps for me. We have friends that fill in those roles for our children. They hug, cheer, congratulate, babysit, and one even baptized for our family! So thankful for those people but they do not replace our family.

My Dear went to Puerto Rico this summer. On the way back, the flight was overbooked. So My Dear and a few others opted to stay the night in a hotel and give their seats up. My Dear was rewarded some sky miles so we put those to use. God blessed us by allowing our family of 5 to fly south for about $250 out of pocket. So we could go see...........

Nana and Pa!!
The children were excited about the flight and enjoyed talking with those around them. Miss B. proceeded to sing the B I B L E to those who were seated around us. She did so in the only volume she knows-LOUD! Folks were entertained by her questions and comments on the flight. Billy and Dolly were seated by a kind gentleman on one flight. I assured him he was about to know more about our family then he ever wanted to know. He responded with telling me where we were from and why we were traveling. Dolly had not wasted any time!

Pa reliving the days of taking care of little girls. I am not sure who enjoyed this more me or Pa.
I was also able to visit my grandmother who is still beautiful! She accepted Christ in the past 10 years and is growing in her faith. She hugs and kisses on our children and adores our Man Cub in a family over ran by little girls. Billy did well with all of the hugs and such. We were blessed with a home to stay in for free. The children had plenty of room and My Dear had cable television for football season. Billy called it his dream home. Dolly told my cousin she would cry when we left. My cousin confirmed that it was hard to leave grandparents. Dolly said, "No! I don't want to leave this house!" We swam, napped, watched cable television (what a treat!), fished, explored the ocean, rode bikes and spent time with family.
Besides seeing my parents and making memories with them, my heart was full to a weekend of answered prayers. Two babies I had been on my knees for arrived-healthy and beautiful! It is medicine for the heart to see prayers answered in such a precious form. The other answered prayer was that........

Lien is in the U.S.! I met Lien in Vnam while there and fell in love with her. I learned she was engaged to a pastor in the U.S. but could not get her Visa. My Dear and I have prayed and communicated with her and her love in attempt to assist them getting her to the U.S. We emailed one another details while I reminded God that I would be in their area on these dates if He would allow me to see her. They were home and My Dear arranged for it to happen. (That boy loves me!) I wept as soon as I saw her and we stood in the parking lot embracing....what a journey of prayer. Now wonder what God will do with some Sky Miles so I can head back for a wedding and maybe another hug or 2 from my mom and dad!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just Us

The little ladies enjoyed a picnic lunch this weekend. We awoke to cooler weather and both girls were excited about wearing jackets. The hood was likely not necessary but hey, they are excited about jacket weather!

I noticed this little Barbie shoe in the back window of My Dear's car. Made me smile! We would have never dreamed we would have a single Barbie shoe in our possession 10 years ago and that it would be on display in our car window.

I know it is fuzzy but for some reason I love this picture! Took several pictures of those tiny hands wrapped around the neck of her hero but just could not capture the innocence of them. The little girls sure loves that man, but so do I!
Proof that even princesses need an education. It was way fun to go to a couple of yard sales dressed as royalty. Seeing that Dolly has never met a stranger, she and her dress made lots of friends. Each child had a dollar that they received in the mail.
Billy bought ski gloves for a quarter. Dolly bought a new dog collar and a baby bottle and B. bought a used cell phone for 75 cents. Sometimes it is so easy to please them.

Enjoying these small details of our lives.... for this season.