Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Backdoor to Ministry

My Dear and I have supported our local Pregnancy Care Center since moving to this community. We have donated items, we walk in the Walk for Life, and host a table at the banquets. We get their newsletter and try to know what they are up to. My Dear has volunteered time teaching and has used the center's educators for youth events. We pray for the centers and with church members working there, we have learned even more about this ministry. With all of that being said, we know about this organization!

Today, I joined the staff of this ministry for my first meeting as a part time team member. It is way cool! God has been preparing me for this ministry for years, although I was unaware of it. In fact, if the opportunity to work for them had been handed to me at any other time in my life, I likely would have walked away.

Well, let me tell ya! Today as I sat at the table, for the first time with these amzing people, I heard testimony after testimony of the WONDERFUL things that God is doing in and through this ministry! These are people who are simply serving to educate another generation. They LOVE what they are doing and it shines through them. They become people who the young, scared, and "at their whits end" depend on and seek out for help. They are in our schools, churches, and in our communities. They are even sitting in their homes emailing questions and we may never see their faces. They are hurting. This organization is there for them!

So, I thought I knew about this ministry, but I did not know the impact they are having on our world one baby at a time. I know now that this position is not something I can do on my own but will be all about what God can do through me!

I am hanging on! Ya'll know how I like a little adventure!
Oh, and yes, Darla, you are a blog post!


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Darlag said...

We truly enjoyed having you with yesterday morning! Welcome to our team! Thanks for giving me a chuckle this morning before I did in. Darla