Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Journey of Hope

Every Christmas my mom blesses the children and I with a new ornament. She loves Christmas ornaments and is a Hallmark Queen! I had told her last year that it was no longer necessary that she give me an ornament, but she is my mom and well, she disagreed!

My Dear has been putting the tree up with the children as a surprise for me while I was away at our church's annual Christmas Tea. They did not have the tea last year so I simply sat on the couch, uninvolved. I received the new ornament in the mail and kinda tossed it into the storage tub in no mood to unwrap it or the other ornaments dating to 1995! I was going through a private battle in my life and could see little beyond it. Frankly, the only reason we even had a Christmas tree was because My Dear put it up and the children begged him to do it!

This Christmas I was in a much better place-MUCH! My Dear put the tree up and I opened the storage tub and enjoyed trying to create the Norman Rockwell Christmas. The ornaments were a bit a mess because My Dear and the children had packed them at the end of the season last year. I sorted through, opening boxes and sharing stories with the girls about the ornaments. Then I picked up an ornament I did not remember. The date was last year's. It was the ornament from my mom, the one I was "unable" to see last year. God knew I would not look at the ornament last year so He put a message on the ornament that would be a reminder to me this year of what He had done. The word I claimed for my journey last year was HOPE and sure enough the ornament read just that. It reads "Hope" and is dated the year that my HOPE truly came alive in Christ!