Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mom vs. the 5 year old.....the Holy Spirit Wins!

Today, the younger children and I attended an African Children's Concert by a group called Watoto from Uganda. 
After the event, our 5 year old walked toward the CDs, small enough to squeeze between people and snatched one to check it out.   There were 2 available and she chose the one with the cover she liked best.   It just so happened to be $5 more than the other.   I looked at the songs and asked her to please get the other one because there was a song on it they had sang that I liked.   She looked at me said, "No, I don't want to get that one."   I of course asked why and she said, "because that song made you cry."

TRUE!   So I tried to explain to her that we need God to break our hearts.  TRIED!

As you can imagine....we left with the expensive CD and a child who promised to pay me back for it when we got home....*making a mental note to ask about that in the morning.

We got home and began her school work, much later in our day because of the concert.   She popped in the CD and danced around a bit, read a bit, did some subtraction.....and THEN a song came on that stopped me in my tracks.   It was a song that God has drenched me with over the past two weeks.   He gave it to me, a week before I NEEDED it and allowed it to minister to me through a time that I FOR SURE needed it! 

I stood in the living room with my arms stretched to the heavens belting it out with African children singing as my back-up for an audience of ONE, until I felt a little touch on my leg of someone who wanted to join me.

I looked at her cherub face and said, "Oh thank you for picking this CD!"  and she giggled and joined me in my praise session.

Check out this ministry at www.watoto.com