Monday, December 20, 2010

God Moment

My Dear and I have been encouraged to look for God Moments! God is at work, we need to be watching for that work, join in, and praise Him for it!

Last week, our AWANA ministry hosted Hope For the Holidays for families who send their children to us but do not attend church with them. Many of these families have financial needs as well. It was such a cool night! Families had their pictures made together and a delicious spread of food laid in front of them. A church member was seated at their table to build relationships, carols were sang, craft and the Christmas story for the children, and a message of Hope from the Manger for the adults. It was one of those nights when you wondered who was blessed most, those served or those serving!

I had asked my friend "Co Co" to be a table host. Co Co sings-beautifully I might add. She is in front of people often using that gift. She really wanted to be behind the scenes because of that. I tried to convince her otherwise wanting her to be a table greeter. She agreed but then I talked with her again, she just was not comfortable with coming, sitting, and eating while others served. I agreed she needed to do what she felt she needed to do.

That night, Co Co went behind the scenes to sort through some gifts that were donated. While doing so, she had a gift bag rip and the contents spill on the floor. She began to pick it up and her heart sank. She revisited her childhood when gifts were used and missing pieces because her mom was unable to provide new toys and clothes. She faced feelings of insignificance from her childhood. As she held the gifts in her hands, God told her to go! She grabbed the arm of a teen girl and said what do preteen girls like? So much activity going on in the building and there was a women fleeing frantically to go shopping at Wal Mart for a preteen girl she had never met. Wrapping paper was flying in the room and the gifts were ready at time for pick up.

The child that would receive the gift had come that night but her parents had not come with her so a friend and I delivered the gifts. When I got home from the delivery and others, Co Co had sent me a message to double check that what she did was alright. When I had walked into the child's home with the gifts that night, the silly bag ripped again but out fell beautifully wrapped gifts appropriate for a preteen girl. I was so glad Co Co had followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

I had seen the gifts in the bag and thought nothing of it. God had prompted Co Co to be behind the scenes because He had already prepared her for this was a God Moment!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A 3 year old's View into the Manger

When my parents moved south leaving my brother the blessing of their "stuff." I asked about the nativity my mother set up when we were children. No one knew exactly where it was, but had their ideas. This summer, I ventured into my brother's attic to find Barbie, Little People, and Strawberry Shortcake that my mother had saved for her grandchildren. But among the rubble, I saw the old nativity. It was so beautiful to me as a child and was always placed higher then our little hands could reach. My mom was there, so I immediately asked if I could have it.

The nativity is not expensive. It is not exactly Biblically accurate, but I love that I only found 2 magi because we know of 3 gifts does not mean that there were 3 men. The men are not in this picture because they did not see the baby at the birth spot but at his home. I enjoyed setting up the nativity. I looked at each piece noting the price tags of simple amounts on the figures and displaying it as accurate as I could.

The day the big kids began unloading the Christmas tubs, I called for B. to clean up a mess. When she did not come, I went looking and found her, chin on the table looking at the toy nativity set. She said, "Wook at this!!" Needless to say, I left her in awe and went to clean up the mess.

The figures get played with and end up in odd places. Today, I asked her if she would put the figures back in the stable. She went right to work, placing each figure where it goes. This is what I found.................

I think she gets it! Yes, B. it is ALL about that Baby!! Now, to fix my nativity and my heart!

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's A Dad's Life

Anybody else married to "the dad life." (minus that awesome lawn mower!)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


When I went to test for my driver's permit, I failed the vision test. I did not know I had a visual impairment. I had always had it and did not know my vision was "different."

Since My Dear and I have only been married to one another, we did not know marriage could be different. We would both agree that we have a good marriage because we truly love and care for one another and.... that is all we know.

As I begin to unload my baggage, it is like I am sitting in the courthouse for the driver's vision test. I see there is a problem. With each passing week, I am able to shovel up another heap and pitch it! As I dig, I unearth 20/20 vision! I see this precious gift that has always been there but the blurry vision of my past has kept it hidden. But no more!

What is weighing you down? Do you believe that the God of every good and perfect gift has something better for you? I know He does! I am proof!

Friday, December 3, 2010

HELLO out there!

So much for being a blogger! I guess my post are now once a month!

We are still here! Life has taken over and my hobby of blogging is taking a back burner. My heart and head get full and there are notes jotted with what to blog but it does not always happen.

So, here is what is going on.....

We just returned from a trip south to visit precious friends and their cherubs....10 people in a house keeps the kitchen and the dishwasher busy. I sure love those people and am awaiting the arrival of a package containing the items we left at their house. That package will be full of all kinds of surprises and a pair of little, pink, fuzzy boots. How can a person over look packing pink, fuzzy boots?

From there we went to the grandparents. Our children are blessed with 3 biological sets of grandparents all living in different parts of the south as well as a couple of adopted sets living in the North. We enjoyed our time with family and My Dear always get some fishing or golf in regardless of temperature. We end up at an indoor fun park when we visit and each time the grandparents agree that we are not going back...well, it is habit now since we have been there the last 3 visits. The kids love it! I teased my mother in law that she really is horrible at saying no. She agreed!

When Billy was born, My Dear and I adopted the Grandparent Clause. The clause gives permission for the grandparent to allow the child to do things that would normally not be allowed -within reason of course! Along with the clause is that I will be the "bad guy" and say no. Because, I for one, am well seasoned in doing so! Some grandparents are better at no then others and that is just fine!

We took Tgiving day to travel so lunch at McDonald's and dinner at Waffle House.....pretty sure I do not want to eat at either of those places for awhile. Because we went to friend's first for the REAL meal, Dolly was in practice of saying, "Ms. Nancy." When we got to the grandparent's house she would say, "Ms. Grandmother." Made me smile every time!

When we arrived at our friend's house, I unloaded some "hand me downs" for their new daughter. I looked in the van and could not find the trash bag of clothes I brought. Miss B. pretty much totaled out her outfits because she was so small and wore them longer. That along with the drooling made her a swiffer wet jet for our floors and her clothes rags! I was able to find some that did survive to share. BUT when I asked My Dear about them he said he did not pack them but he DID take a bag of trash out to the trashcan! OH MY!!! I recycle! Like, I recycle everything I can! I try not to throw anything away that might be usable. I even take a ragged clothes to an auto mechnic in town to use as oil rags. Here is a mama that needs clothes and I have perfectly good clothes in a nasty trashcan ready to be picked up and hauled off!

After talking with My Dear the following morning, I learned he did not pull the can to the curb and a neighbor came and got the bag out of the can. Yes, our neighbors are that good! So, looks like our friends will be getting their own goodie box after I do a bit of laundry!!

Oh my! It is so hard being us!

I have been trying to watch the amount of sweets I eat. Sometimes watching means that I watch myself eat them! I came home from a meeting to find this......

Talk about accountability! Billy's note says if I eat any of them, I owe him a dollar! So, I didn't! It totally worked for me! We took these sweet treats to our friend's to help us get rid of them...they were the mama curse and we celebrated when they were finally gone!

Since we were leaving town, I did not go to the grocery. My Dear asked that I pick up some cereal at least. On my way home from the meeting, I did just that. BUT so did he and the children. We were in cereal heaven!

Lucky for me, cereal does not count as a sweet for me....just yet.