Saturday, December 18, 2010

A 3 year old's View into the Manger

When my parents moved south leaving my brother the blessing of their "stuff." I asked about the nativity my mother set up when we were children. No one knew exactly where it was, but had their ideas. This summer, I ventured into my brother's attic to find Barbie, Little People, and Strawberry Shortcake that my mother had saved for her grandchildren. But among the rubble, I saw the old nativity. It was so beautiful to me as a child and was always placed higher then our little hands could reach. My mom was there, so I immediately asked if I could have it.

The nativity is not expensive. It is not exactly Biblically accurate, but I love that I only found 2 magi because we know of 3 gifts does not mean that there were 3 men. The men are not in this picture because they did not see the baby at the birth spot but at his home. I enjoyed setting up the nativity. I looked at each piece noting the price tags of simple amounts on the figures and displaying it as accurate as I could.

The day the big kids began unloading the Christmas tubs, I called for B. to clean up a mess. When she did not come, I went looking and found her, chin on the table looking at the toy nativity set. She said, "Wook at this!!" Needless to say, I left her in awe and went to clean up the mess.

The figures get played with and end up in odd places. Today, I asked her if she would put the figures back in the stable. She went right to work, placing each figure where it goes. This is what I found.................

I think she gets it! Yes, B. it is ALL about that Baby!! Now, to fix my nativity and my heart!

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