Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cheerio Toes

No matter how tough the day has been, there are so many stages in my life that I want to savor and not forget. I am constantly reminded how quick 18 years can pass and each step of the way, our children will need us less and less.

This morning, I walked around my nicely swept kitchen and rounded the bar to where our son had prepared a bowl of Cheerios. When I sat down, my socks had Cheerios clinging to them. Usually, it is my midsection food hangs on to but now it is my socks. One day my house will be tidy and Cheerio free.

I took the above picture this summer when the neighborhood boys came inside to play. I don't want to forget the young feet that have felt welcomed and safe in our home. Nor do I want to forget how Lydia's pink shoes fit into the pile.

I don't want to forget the piles of bibs that come out of a load of Miss Blake's laundry. I usually have to wash just to keep her in bibs.

I treasure the memory of crawling into bed one night and My Dear's feet being greeted by Matchbox cars in the sheets.

I don't want to forget that Lydia asked me to gain weight so I could be on the Biggest Loser or that she told me this week that she had swallowed a large piece of fruit and it hurt her "utensils." (a.k.a tonsils)

Tonight, Miss Blake pointed to Big Sister Lydia's bed and chattered. I confirmed that it was Lydia's bed, where she sleeps. B. then said, "like this," and tilted her head to the side and made a snoring noise. I so don't want to forget that!

I don't want to forget how Lydia used to make hugs in her belly and sometimes she ran out but if you wait, she could make some more.

I will always treasure how Clay set up his $5 Good-Will bicycle at the end of the driveway and made a sign that said, "How Bikes Work." How he waited for people to drive by and stop to hear what he had to say. His response when I asked him how old he was(4) then when I asked him how long he had been riding bikes (13 years.)

How just today, when I called the children to come and Clay was distracted with what he was doing but urged his sister to go to avoid getting into trouble. I don't want to forget it!

Oh, and the colors in Blake's hair when the sun hits it-I hold tight!

I am reminded of Mary at the birth of Christ. Luke 2:19 says, But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Then again in verse 51 when they lost Him at the temple, Mary treasured these things in her heart too.

There are so many things that happen that I know I will forget, I won't write them down or I won't have my camera. But I treasure them in my heart and thank God for those sprinkles of blessings for this brief time. But for now, I will enjoy the slobbery kisses, runny noses, and Cheerios in my toes and stock pile them in my heart.


JottinMama said...

I love those passages in the Bible...that talk about Mary treasuring things in her heart and pondering them. Isn't that so like a Mom?

Wonderful post! Enjoy those cherrios in your toes - I know I am :)

Blessings from one Mama to another,
Kate :)

Judy said...

Oh Ms. Melanie - what a beautiful and poignant post!

buckandbev said...

This is so beautiful, wish I could share more moments with them while they are young. I didn't always have a camera or note pad when you where growing up but the mind keeps special things, like the very deep voice of a very small girl, the face of the same young cheerleader when surprised by her father on a weekend pass from the military. I am so proud of the lady/Mom that young girl has grown into....Love Ya

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

AMEN!!!! So very true....I don't ever want to forget anything our children say that makes me laugh, smile, and giggle! I love them all sooo much.

The Patterson Family said...

Thank you for always reminding me to slow down and cherish the little things in life!

Carolyn said...

may i come live at your house?

Melanie said...

I had to come visit another Melanie - and what a treat to see how you treasure your children and embrace the small joys. Enjoyed it:)

Kristi J said...

so sweet...Yay, for cheerio toes :) Sounds like my home :) kristi