Saturday, October 24, 2009

A fond Farewell

Ole' Faithful,

You have been in my life for 13 plus years, from the moment I said, "I DO." We have traveled together through 5 cities and 2 states building a home. You have always been there for me. You provided the oxygen I needed to go on when times were hard.

When we lived in the "mountains" you provided an escape from my lonely reality.

We have been together in times of great light and times of darkness, but you hung in there. It obviously wore on you, but you stood proudly with what you had when others fell.

Your presence in my life has made it more beautiful. Thank you.

A baby was born, then another, and another. More times then not, you were neglected-shaded and deprived of the nourishment you needed from me.

You continued your stuggle to stay strong. A piece of you died with each poor decision I made on your behalf.

The children have loved you so. Infact, you have given yourself for them. For that, I thank you. Thank you for offering all of yourself to us.

But at this time, I say good-bye. Thank you for standing by me for 13 years.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Awwww......I have never had a plant make it in this home more than half a year. WOW- very impressed.

buckandbev said...

I was sure you were talking about Mark. I have seen this plant and every word is true! But you are still one sick puppy. Love Ya

Judy said...

Melanie, that is the most pitiful plant that I have ever seen!

The Patterson Family said...

It looks just like my in-laws christmas tree! HAHA!

teachinmom said...

LOL......I kept trying to figure out what you were talking about....I thought it was a bathrobe.