Sunday, October 11, 2009

Never B. 1 Again

Miss Blake turned 2 last week! At 2, our darlings amaze us with what they say and the connections they make. The kids bought B. a few gifts. We have a tradition of taking the children's last picture at one age and first picture of the new age. I love sleepy smiles and Daddy bought a box of muffins for a special treat. Just the quick food we needed for a Sunday morning.

Blake opened hair bows first and wanted them all in her hair. She LOVED the book Lydia got her. She and Lydia both checked it out again and again at the library. I found a copy for $5 with shipping on ebay. YEAH!

The electric toothbrush is to help with her oral motor issues. In other words, I am over the bibs but B. is not liking that toothbrush. For now, we will use our cheap toothbrush-without the therapeutic effect.

Clay bought her a toy cellphone. She talked to daddy for awhile and then started telling everyone "cheese" as she took their pictures.

I could not shake that old song by Alabama called, "Never Be One Again." I found it on youtube with someone else's video if you want to check it out. I listened to it again and again after putting her to bed for the last time as a one-year-old. Nothing like torturing yourself, huh.

Do you know children do not develop knee caps until they are 2? With that being said, Congratulations on the knee caps Miss Blake and thanks for being such a significant part of our world. You are 2-rrific!

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