Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Hug from Vietnam

My Teddy Bear of a little brother got married this weekend!!! So that meant my parents headed North! My mom is diabetic so proper foot care is important. I wanted to take her out for a pedicure with J's wedding as an excuse. J is not his name but that is what I call him. Why complicate things with 3 more letters?

Miss Lydia and I took Nana to a nail salon. We enjoyed talking with the lady who was taking such good care of mom. I know she was of some type of Asian decent but did not know for sure. She later mentioned Vietnam. I heard a cry for the backroom and out toddles a chunky little fella. His mama said, "He loves the customers." He came right over to me and snuggled up against me. I reached down and hugged that baby and was immediately filled with love for him. Oh this what that orphanage will be like!? I so wanted to ask to take his picture but I was afraid mama was already creeped out by my baby obsession. The hug from this little fella was not just a hug. It was a hug representing the orphans of Vietnam and the promise that I would see them face to face. My heart can hardly wait!

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Judy said...

Ahh - I loved reading about your special hug and the promise it represents!