Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding Wonders

On the way to my brother's wedding, Lydia asked why it took so long for John and Katie to get married. I was not sure what was going on in her little head but she answered it herself and said, "It must be the dress. It takes a long time to get the dress." I think Lydia approved of the dress as much as she does the Aunt.
We take our kids to weddings and funerals and just about anywhere we are going. My Dear conducted this ceremony so all I had to do was take care of our youngins'. The wedding was entertainment enough for the big kids but here is the secret weapon for the toddler. She picked them out at the store the night before. We do not usually buy them making them even more special. It was a HOME RUN! I even saw big brother Clay grab a couple.
The outdoor wedding was wet and beautiful. The rain let up just enough to allow the bride to walk in. She is pretty anyway but she was RADIANT! The groom thought so too! There was a lot to do after the ceremony and the bride and groom hung out to help against everyone's wishes. I teased my new sister-in-law about the t-shirt she chose to wear. Snapped this picture while she grabbed a kiss. Is this a honeymoon tshirt or what?

As all princesses love a love story, our little darlin' snagged her own bouquet upon leaving the wedding late that evening. What a big day for her! (Look at the mud on those socks and shoes.)

And our little prince was equally precious. What a wonderful celebration with family and friends.

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Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Love the t-shirt! he he....
Hey, we love those secret treat weapons as works wonders!