Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mama's Prayers

I have used The Power of a Praying Parent as a guide to pray over our children. But God has spoken to my heart specific prayer request for each of them.

For Billy, I pray that he will have a love and deep understanding of the Word. I recall when I saw it being answered. Billy was reluctant to do his school work. I began reading the next chapter we had been reading in the Bible. Billy begged me to read more even though he had finished his handwriting assignment. By no means, is this prayer fulfilled but I see it playing out in Billy's life.

When she was just an infant, God spoke to my heart on Dolly's behalf. My prayer for Dolly is that people would be attracted to her so that she could share salvation found through Jesus. We pray that God will use her pretty face and beautiful heart for His purposes.

My prayers for Miss B. are that she will love people with the love that only Christ can give and that she looks upon people with compassion. As you can see, in her attempt to get herself loose of her cousin, God has a big job but He is already chipping away!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The First Days of homeSchool!

Before I homeschooled, I wondered how it worked-what does it look like? Now, I wonder from year to year, what it will look like with Miss B. in tow!

So here is a shot from the first day!

She wanted to be like the big kids. So she has her own journal, stickers, markers and a shelf of activities that are just for her. Yesterday she learned that, she has to put one thing away before she can get another out. (I hope that information transfers to her room and the rest of our home.) As I looked her journal, she also taught herself same and different. She placed colored smiley face stickers in her journal-yellow with yellow, blue with blue and red with red. I am glad I stepped out of her way so she could show me what she is learning.

Today when Dolly finished part of her work, she helped B. with this activity to add to what she did yesterday. It was so easy and kept this little one busy. Both big kids wanted to work with her as well.
Dolly chose a sticker for B. B. took the sticker and matched it to the paper on the wall. Each time Dolly gave B. a sticker, Dolly would name the color. This was fun for all of us and B. said several times that "daddy will be so 'boud' (proud.) The colors were mixed up so she had to find the correlating paper while she heard the name of the color.
This morning we were greeted by a beautiful butterfly on the carport. We had read about moths and butterflies this summer so we are of increased interest. We caught the butterfly in a garage sell butterfly cage. The kids studied it for awhile then I handed them journals. I have wanted to have Nature Notebooks since I began schooling, it just never happened.
Billy piped up that they could draw a picture and then write about what they found. They did just that. Please do not tell Billy that is exactly what I wanted them to do with the books. It always goes over better when it is there idea!
Dolly had a friend to play later that day and she and Dolly recorded a "nut" that they found in the yard. I love this little notebook and pray they continue with it.
Billy thinks they should do it every morning, I think it is a great idea! B. of course wanted to be in on the action. So we traced her fancy flower sandals into her notebook creating 2 wings for her to color. She thought that was pretty fun and she liked adding to her journal as well.

After the journaling was complete, we headed to the library to pick up The Nature Handbook. It is suggested for those who teach with Nature Notebooks and the Charlotte Mason method of teaching. We are trying to learn the name of the butterfly we found but the search continues.
I love when learning just shows up!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Black Beauty

For our anniversary, My Dear and I set out to shop for a new fridge. Our chest freezer had died while we were saving money to go to Israel so it did not get replaced. Out little fridge was getting the job done but sometimes the door would not catch when we shut it. It is likely an easy fix but we were out of room. We bought the fridge 14 years ago when it was just the 2 of us. It has served us well. We have a kitchen of mixed matched appliances as well. Not that we would run to the store just for that, but it would be nice. We also would love to have an easy way for the children to drink purified water and not have to buy gallon jugs of water at the store.

With all of that in mind, we thought we would shop. We decided a side by side, black with water and ice in the door would work best for our wallets and our needs. BUT we left the store without it. Neither one of us could handle the price tag. I am sure it was a good price, but that was a lot of dough for us!

My Dear bought some home improvement store gift cards on an internet auction and we began to save money that way to be a new fridge. We had very few conversations about a fridge after our shopping trip.

One morning, I got a FB message from a new friend (one I already adore!) I have only known her a month or two and we usually talked about church and our children. She had noticed our fridge was small for our growing family. She said she had a black, side by side in the garage that was there when they bought the house. She wondered if we might be interested.

Knowing my heart got all excited, I thought I would "test" this one out. So I messaged her back asking if it happened to water and ice in the door and how much they wanted for it.

Indeed it has water and ice. I love when God shows off! She then told me she felt as if God was telling her to give it to me. She said, "why else would I notice the size of your refridgerator?" She asked us to take a look at it first because a handle had been damaged.

We loaded up and checked it out! It is exactly what God had laid on our hearts!

The children are so proud of it! They have told their friends and showed it off to anyone who will come in and look at it. I find cups of water sitting around all the time but know that fame will die away and they will be more responsible with using the water.

This fridge is a constant reminder of God our provider! How can I look at it and not be thankful for the way that God continues to DELIGHT me!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Please Stand If You Are Humble

While at camp, I was asked to entertain the campers while the staff had a meeting. The camp dean came to me afterwards and asked if I was a teacher. I smiled but had a sense of pride from his comment. He liked what I had done with the kids.

God began to remind me of humility. He has spoken it to me several times over the past couple of weeks. I needed to turn my pride into praise to Him and thank Him for what He was doing through me.

The last day of camp, the Dean recognized the volunteers. He called them by position and thanked them. Bible Study leaders, cabin leaders, camp nurse, the music team, the craft lady....I know my position would be named too and I would stand and the kids would cheer wildly-cause what kid does not LOVE game time!?

After all of those were recognized, he announced that the next person had done more to make camp a success that week then anyone. I thought that was pretty strong to say but I would take the compliment. Then he said, "and that person is..." NOT ME! I could not help but sit and smile. God sure knows how to keep me humble! The Dean did not mention my position at all. I smiled with a little chuckle and thanked God for making humility so easy for me!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

He knows!

Dolly and I were heading to camp. Billy did not want to go so he thought he might like to stay with his cousin in another state. I drove him and the little sisters there while My Dear was away at another camp. We had a quick, but fun visit! Billy had been so excited, but when it was time to leave....he did not want to stay. He was caught between wanting to stay and wanting his family.
We headed home-with Billy in the backseat, head hung in disappointment and questioning his decision. Poor little man is struggling with growing up.
We hit city traffic at rush hour so I pulled off to eat dinner. Billy's stomach was too upset to eat so he ate a piece of bread and sat quietly. The girls and I finished our meal and the server brought our ticket. When she laid it on the table she looked at Billy and said, "Remember, no matter what, you momma loves you." I quietly thanked her for speaking the truth to my little Man Cub who needed to hear that.
The children chose treats for the ride, I paid with cash, and we were off! Only when we reached another state did I realize that I did not tip that wonderful server! We were at Cracker Barrel but who knows what city it was!?
I prayed and asked God to please bless our server in a special way. I continued to pray and asked the children to join me as well.
This week at camp, we put the campers to bed and then I sat in my van with a flashlight to have some time with God. As I was studying I bent down for some reason and picked up a piece of paper off the floorboard. It was the receipt from our dinner-address and server's name included!!! I gave a big THANK YOU GOD and will be putting in the mail, a nice tip and a note to thank that sweet server for the way she blessed us!
Thank you God putting me in my van, in the woods, in the dark, all by myself to find the receipt that you had waiting on me.