Sunday, August 15, 2010

Black Beauty

For our anniversary, My Dear and I set out to shop for a new fridge. Our chest freezer had died while we were saving money to go to Israel so it did not get replaced. Out little fridge was getting the job done but sometimes the door would not catch when we shut it. It is likely an easy fix but we were out of room. We bought the fridge 14 years ago when it was just the 2 of us. It has served us well. We have a kitchen of mixed matched appliances as well. Not that we would run to the store just for that, but it would be nice. We also would love to have an easy way for the children to drink purified water and not have to buy gallon jugs of water at the store.

With all of that in mind, we thought we would shop. We decided a side by side, black with water and ice in the door would work best for our wallets and our needs. BUT we left the store without it. Neither one of us could handle the price tag. I am sure it was a good price, but that was a lot of dough for us!

My Dear bought some home improvement store gift cards on an internet auction and we began to save money that way to be a new fridge. We had very few conversations about a fridge after our shopping trip.

One morning, I got a FB message from a new friend (one I already adore!) I have only known her a month or two and we usually talked about church and our children. She had noticed our fridge was small for our growing family. She said she had a black, side by side in the garage that was there when they bought the house. She wondered if we might be interested.

Knowing my heart got all excited, I thought I would "test" this one out. So I messaged her back asking if it happened to water and ice in the door and how much they wanted for it.

Indeed it has water and ice. I love when God shows off! She then told me she felt as if God was telling her to give it to me. She said, "why else would I notice the size of your refridgerator?" She asked us to take a look at it first because a handle had been damaged.

We loaded up and checked it out! It is exactly what God had laid on our hearts!

The children are so proud of it! They have told their friends and showed it off to anyone who will come in and look at it. I find cups of water sitting around all the time but know that fame will die away and they will be more responsible with using the water.

This fridge is a constant reminder of God our provider! How can I look at it and not be thankful for the way that God continues to DELIGHT me!


Melisa said...

Love it - He is so faithful! Live that ABUNDANT life, Melanie!

House Family said...

Wow is all I can say! Our father is good to us isn't he!

Renee said...

Coming by from MBM....what a great story of how God blesses us...right down to the tinest details! Wonderful!