Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Journey "Home."

We put our feet inside of our home on Thursday.   With our travels, I have posted very little.   Know that we are here and I will post photos of our home is a mess now, so I will spare you the mess.

First stop was KY for family pictures and family time with my extended family.   They are sweet, encouraging, fun loving people in my life.   We grew up two houses down from my aunt and uncle so they were a rich part of our childhood....and so the love continues.

After KY we went to TN to visit with Nana T. and Pops and family.   We were late in leaving one location so we arrived late in the next.   Having to use 2 vehicles, there were times we pulled over because I was too tired to continue.   We were fed, hugged, and prayed over and off again.

Next stop, Georgia!   Grandmother and Grandad met us in Georgia and like every other stop before, we unloaded possessions that we wanted to share along with a few things that we wanted stored.  The kids were able to swim at all 3 stops so that helps keep things exciting!  

From Georgia, we were in FL to visit my grandmother.   She is 90 years old and became a follower of Christ about 10 years ago, cool huh!   We visit Granny, cousin Ginny, and Aunt Pat and off again to meet our plane to unload our possession....I could do an entire post on that adventure and, well, I think I will!
                             Heading out of KY toward TN.   My Dear and his copilot Chester!
                              Aunt Shelly's is all about love piles and group hugs.   This is Billy's.
                                                                 This is Dolly's.
                                                             My view for many, many miles!
                                 Grandad reading scripture to us as we are about to leave Georgia.
                                              Visiting Granny in FL and cousin Gracie.

Chester took his turn in the car with us instead of the truck.   He found a comfy spot with his girl.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Moving On

After a week of heavy packing and visiting, we finally pulled out at 12:30 a.m. on Saturday.   We have never moved across town so it all has to be started and finished in the same day.   I looked at My Dear at one point and just said, "I am finished."    There is NO way we could have made it without the help of those stopping in, showing up, sending pizza, picking up kiddos to give them a break, donating totes, encouragement, prayer, much.

When we finally pulled out, I was too tired to be emotional until I saw this in the yard of our friends.    Thank you Danielle and Hannah!   (Thank you Phoebe for allowing the use of the strollers.)   Thankful for 10 years of a wonderful place for children to be children and for the love poured out on us.   Thankful for the opportunities in ministry and for those we were blessed to partner with.   We have learned and have grown much.   God is GOOD!

I especially like that the girls used "ya'll" in the sign!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

This picture was taken a few weeks give you an idea what meal time looks like at our home...that is IF we are home!

Celebrating our last local Customer Appreciation day with cheap pizza.

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Trick to Making New Friends

When our children's minister, Doug came to our church about 3 years ago.   He wanted to be Miss B's friend, but like everyone else who had tried, she wasn't haven' that!   

But Mr. Doug has been at this Kids Ministry thing for awhile and had a trick up his sleeve.   Each time we popped into the office he would offer Miss B. some fruit snacks.   Over a period of time, he stopped and then it was Miss B. looking for Mr. Doug to get the snacks.   

He no longer needs fruit snacks to get Miss B. to talk with him or to convince her to come to class but they still have their fruit snacks and occasionally if we stop in and Mr. Doug will share some fruit snacks.

With our relocating, Miss B is going to need to make new friends.   So one Sunday, Mr. Doug found her after church and the two of them take off to his office hand-in-hand.   Miss B. returns with this box and instructions to give them to her new friends.   

Yeah, she is going to miss Mr. Doug but she will have new friends and  with a box this size, it will be lots of friends.


Sunday, May 4, 2014


I have been overwhelmed with possessions lately.   I want to shout out a word of warning to the world not to allow your possessions to own you.   As there was a need in our community or with friends, I enjoy collecting items from our home to give to others.   It is easy to give and I was glad to be able to do it.   I know that I have been entrusted with those things and if I am\ not using them, I am to give them to someone who would use them.  When our children abuse possessions or do not care for them, I was convicted that those things were given to us by God and we are to manage them in a way that honors Him.   We have been entrusted with this stuff.

Our children are probably the first thought in my mind when I think of "entrusting."   God has entrusted us with these people.   They are children now but will someday be adults.   They will be spouses, parents, employees, voting citizens, and disciples of Christ or at least I pray they will be.   They have been entrusted to us for a time.   We have no guarantee of the amount of time just that, we are responsible for them and will let them go to bless others in the world.   Well, at least that is the goal!

But do you know that is not all that we are entrusted with?   1 Thessalonians 2:4 says that we are "entrusted with the gospel."   WOW!   A box of old clothes is one thing but to be entrusted BY God with the Gospel message is something totally different.   It is not a cast off of what I no longer like or can't use.   It is not a child that will need me for a season of their life, it IS the Gospel.   This entrustment (so I may have made up this word.) is not just for me, pastors, or missionaries, it is for all of us.   We are to proclaim that God sent his only Son, Jesus as an atonement for our sins.  Our sin separates us from God.   Sins are the things we say, think, and do that break God's heart, the very things that Jesus died for.   Because of Jesus' life given on the cross and His Resurrection on the third day, we can be in a right relationship with God.   He no longer sees our sin but sees us with righteousness because of Jesus.  We are no longer separated from God!!!   This is the Gospel!   This is better than good news!   God's word says that I am entrusted to share this message with others.   Truth is, I know what God has forgiven me of so why would I NOT want to share this information.   You know, at one time I liked the stuff given to me, but that faded.    The children will hopefully grow and have their own families.   The gospel is continual and will never change but is forever changing lives.   I am entrusted with it forever.   What an honor, a privilege, and a responsibility.