Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Journey "Home."

We put our feet inside of our home on Thursday.   With our travels, I have posted very little.   Know that we are here and I will post photos of our home is a mess now, so I will spare you the mess.

First stop was KY for family pictures and family time with my extended family.   They are sweet, encouraging, fun loving people in my life.   We grew up two houses down from my aunt and uncle so they were a rich part of our childhood....and so the love continues.

After KY we went to TN to visit with Nana T. and Pops and family.   We were late in leaving one location so we arrived late in the next.   Having to use 2 vehicles, there were times we pulled over because I was too tired to continue.   We were fed, hugged, and prayed over and off again.

Next stop, Georgia!   Grandmother and Grandad met us in Georgia and like every other stop before, we unloaded possessions that we wanted to share along with a few things that we wanted stored.  The kids were able to swim at all 3 stops so that helps keep things exciting!  

From Georgia, we were in FL to visit my grandmother.   She is 90 years old and became a follower of Christ about 10 years ago, cool huh!   We visit Granny, cousin Ginny, and Aunt Pat and off again to meet our plane to unload our possession....I could do an entire post on that adventure and, well, I think I will!
                             Heading out of KY toward TN.   My Dear and his copilot Chester!
                              Aunt Shelly's is all about love piles and group hugs.   This is Billy's.
                                                                 This is Dolly's.
                                                             My view for many, many miles!
                                 Grandad reading scripture to us as we are about to leave Georgia.
                                              Visiting Granny in FL and cousin Gracie.

Chester took his turn in the car with us instead of the truck.   He found a comfy spot with his girl.

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