Saturday, February 26, 2011

at our house

I call this picture-pitiful! We have been sick more this year then any year! This was a 24 hour stomach bug for one while the other just slept the bad germs off. Needless to say, that DVD player was burning it up this day! Thankfully it only hit these 2.

Dolly had a math lesson at the store last week and came out $1.25 richer! We have a pump and she wanted balloons. Making animals was not as easy as they thought but the swords were way doable so the battles have been frequent. We got a book at the library and look what Daddy can do....with some artistic help from Dolly. The boy builds bathrooms and balloon animals!

Look at this floor! It took him days to get a roller coaster built! He loves models like these especially when they work afterwords!

Isn't it romantic! His and Her computers! My Dear does his work in the living room and I in the bedroom but with the help of a wireless can keep us together! It is amazing how much more I got done with a little bit of company and how much later I stay up at night! I will keep one but need to leave the other if you know what I mean.

This girl loves her hats and apparently it keeps the vacuum from being loud too! You know, I think she is on to something. When I was sick, I wore a hat. If it works for B., I bet it will work for me too. Sure enough the ski hat my MIL made was perfect for keeping me warm and hiding my messy head! Haven't tried it for vacuuming yet. But if you see me in the van on the interstate with a ski hat on, you will know I am trying it out for volume control!

That's some of what is going on here.....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What Comes Around Goes Around

I see several folks on Facebook comment on Karma. So here are my thoughts. What comes around, goes around....but maybe not the same way you would think.

2 Cornithians 1:3-4 says,
Praise be to God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comforts, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves received in Christ.

So all the mistakes, hurts, habits, hang ups, heart breaks that I have survived and received comfort for, I am to share that same comfort with others, the comfort that only Christ can give. My sweater vest wearing friend Bob reminded me, it is like stepping in a big hole and looking back at others coming and saying, "WATCH OUT FOR THAT HOLE!" Some will see the hole due to the warning but others will fall into it just as I did. Then I can share that comfort that I received. So, what comes around, goes around.

I did not survive those situations for nothing nor did the Lord allow them for nothing, He allowed them for His benefit and if I am honest with myself, He allowed them ultimately for my benefit.
God has surrounded me with some amazing women! In fact, the past couple of months, I have heard God working in their hearts to warn others or to share the comfort with others. One lady shared that she needed to tell young girls the mistakes she had made so they would not make them. Another lady, shared that because of her past, she could share the love of Christ without judgement because of where she has been.

The challenge I feel God calling me to and the challenge I pose to you is, are you warning others? Are you comforting others? Are you living your life in evidence of what comes around, goes around? Don't you wish someone had done it for you?

Monday, February 14, 2011

To Be Held

WOW! The strangest thing happened a week or so ago. My Dear left for work and returned home around lunch time to find me on the couch with all kinds of activity going on around me. This happened the next day too but instead of coming home he got a phone call from Billy saying, "We are hungry, come get us." Momma was sick!

We were pretty sure it was flu. I could not hold my eyes open but would go to the couch to be in the middle of the activity during the day. The children continued to work in some workbooks with math and language getting done everyday. They would wake me with questions or Billy would help Dolly. At one time, I heard someone reading. The vocabulary seemed a bit hard for who I thought I heard reading. My eyes popped open to see Dolly have "story time" in her little rocking chair with B. parked on a blanket just like at the library. I would have never invited Dolly to read that book but she was knocking it out and so back to sleep I went with a smile on my face. I also got to see B. "read" a book from the rocking chair as Dolly sat patiently in the floor never once saying, "that is not what that book is about" to the "librarian."

God showed me that those kids are going to be okay! Despite their messed up Mama, they were teaching themselves and caring for one another when I couldn't. I don't think I was capable of that when I was their age.

I developed a sinus infection which landed myself at the doctor. My balance and my vision were off as a result. Although I longed to spend time with the Lord, I could not make out the tiny words on the white pages of my Bible but with breaks could read from Miss B's Beginners Bible.

One night as I lay in bed, I so desired to spend time with Him that I began to pray aloud. I had tried to worship with the radio but it was not working with my headache. As I prayed He laid these things on my heart to praise Him for.

1. After days of a runny nose, I has actually used a tissue to get something solid out of my nose. Gross but true and I was indeed thankful!

2. I now know what area of my abs is most exercised by coughing and I felt BUFF-enough coughing to feel fit and trim!

3. After going days without eating I told My Dear, I better have lost some weight and the scale at the Urgent Treatment Center confirmed I had (but as of today and the sweets of Vtime's Day-I am pretty sure some of it is back!) Another thing to be thankful for!

4. He reminded me of the song To Be Held. My Dear was no longer sleeping in our bedroom but was camping in the living room leaving me my germ filled sanctuary. I stole his pillow and his electric blanket control and truly felt wrapped, cushioned, bundled, and warm. My father in law told me once that there is a time that we need to rest in the lap of Christ and that is where I felt Him most-holding me.

I knew God had a word for me then as He does for me today. Sometimes the lesson takes longer and sometimes I am quick to get it but through it all, I am so thankful that He sees me teachable and when I need it most He too knows when to hold me.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Family Circus or is it Freak Show?

Sunday evenings My Dear and I split to two different locations and the children to another. My Dear loads them up for the drop off before heading to his small group of Jr. and Srs. My study is in our neighborhood so I get the children ready and he takes them. Works great-MOST OF THE TIME!

While preparing to load the children in the vehicle, Miss B. dropped to the floor in a crying heap. I scooped her up and loved on her a bit then buckled her in her seat. While I did that My Dear ran back into the house to retrieve the bb blanket-it was an obvious bb moment!

His phone rang as he was pulling out-someone from another church I think. I walked back toward the house to prepare for group. Use the bathroom, put shoes on instead of slippers, get my Bible, fix my hair from laying around all know, those things.

I went to turn the handle of the door but My Dear had shut both doors and they were LOCKED! He was still in view so this would be an easy fix. In fact, he was still in the driveway! I yelled his name but he did not hear me. I waved my arms like a crazy woman. I thought maybe the kids would see me but being in a car rather then a van, their view is blocked. He began to pull out!

I ran after the vehicle calling his name, waving my hands, yelling, running.....can you just see it? All the while I am in my slippers and a black hoodie from the military that was my dad' dad retired in 1992! I decide, just like television, I would take my slipper off and throw it! He was close enough I am sure one of the kids would ask what the noise was when I HIT THE BACK WINDOW with my slipper! Apparently, any TV is too much TV! I throw but it was as if my slipper just fell right in front of me, yep, right in the snow! I tried to catch him as he drove off , chasing him on the road with no luck.

So here I am, slippers and an antique hoodie standing in my driveway with snow all around! You have a moment when you are in that position....what does the older couple across the street think of the drama I just gave them! They probably think My Dear and I are at say the least! It likely spurred a call to friends to share the humor or the "prayer request."

Well, nothing else to do-no key hidden anymore after a few teenagers showed us it was too easy to find by entering our home a couple of years ago...they did not and would not hurt anything but we never replaced it.

I pulled my hood up, secured my slippers and started my hike with a full bladder and nappy head up the street to small group. A family stopped on their way there and since I had slippers on in the snow, I took them up on the offer of a ride. I giggled the entire way there! I called My Dear and he said he got a good laugh out of my message.

Sometimes life gets hard and a moment like this would have really been a problem but this time, it was not. Since the last week had been one of those "hard times" just so happens the isolated walk with a case of the giggles was just what I needed........even in my slippers!