Monday, February 14, 2011

To Be Held

WOW! The strangest thing happened a week or so ago. My Dear left for work and returned home around lunch time to find me on the couch with all kinds of activity going on around me. This happened the next day too but instead of coming home he got a phone call from Billy saying, "We are hungry, come get us." Momma was sick!

We were pretty sure it was flu. I could not hold my eyes open but would go to the couch to be in the middle of the activity during the day. The children continued to work in some workbooks with math and language getting done everyday. They would wake me with questions or Billy would help Dolly. At one time, I heard someone reading. The vocabulary seemed a bit hard for who I thought I heard reading. My eyes popped open to see Dolly have "story time" in her little rocking chair with B. parked on a blanket just like at the library. I would have never invited Dolly to read that book but she was knocking it out and so back to sleep I went with a smile on my face. I also got to see B. "read" a book from the rocking chair as Dolly sat patiently in the floor never once saying, "that is not what that book is about" to the "librarian."

God showed me that those kids are going to be okay! Despite their messed up Mama, they were teaching themselves and caring for one another when I couldn't. I don't think I was capable of that when I was their age.

I developed a sinus infection which landed myself at the doctor. My balance and my vision were off as a result. Although I longed to spend time with the Lord, I could not make out the tiny words on the white pages of my Bible but with breaks could read from Miss B's Beginners Bible.

One night as I lay in bed, I so desired to spend time with Him that I began to pray aloud. I had tried to worship with the radio but it was not working with my headache. As I prayed He laid these things on my heart to praise Him for.

1. After days of a runny nose, I has actually used a tissue to get something solid out of my nose. Gross but true and I was indeed thankful!

2. I now know what area of my abs is most exercised by coughing and I felt BUFF-enough coughing to feel fit and trim!

3. After going days without eating I told My Dear, I better have lost some weight and the scale at the Urgent Treatment Center confirmed I had (but as of today and the sweets of Vtime's Day-I am pretty sure some of it is back!) Another thing to be thankful for!

4. He reminded me of the song To Be Held. My Dear was no longer sleeping in our bedroom but was camping in the living room leaving me my germ filled sanctuary. I stole his pillow and his electric blanket control and truly felt wrapped, cushioned, bundled, and warm. My father in law told me once that there is a time that we need to rest in the lap of Christ and that is where I felt Him most-holding me.

I knew God had a word for me then as He does for me today. Sometimes the lesson takes longer and sometimes I am quick to get it but through it all, I am so thankful that He sees me teachable and when I need it most He too knows when to hold me.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Pray you are feeling better....
I too think it is amazing that when we are sick our children really do ok. Maybe not wonderful, but they can do a lot! I agree...I don't think I could have at their age :)

zzzzzzzzz said...

How precious your kiddos are. Sorry you felt so awful :(