Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Family Circus or is it Freak Show?

Sunday evenings My Dear and I split to two different locations and the children to another. My Dear loads them up for the drop off before heading to his small group of Jr. and Srs. My study is in our neighborhood so I get the children ready and he takes them. Works great-MOST OF THE TIME!

While preparing to load the children in the vehicle, Miss B. dropped to the floor in a crying heap. I scooped her up and loved on her a bit then buckled her in her seat. While I did that My Dear ran back into the house to retrieve the bb blanket-it was an obvious bb moment!

His phone rang as he was pulling out-someone from another church I think. I walked back toward the house to prepare for group. Use the bathroom, put shoes on instead of slippers, get my Bible, fix my hair from laying around all day.....you know, those things.

I went to turn the handle of the door but My Dear had shut both doors and they were LOCKED! He was still in view so this would be an easy fix. In fact, he was still in the driveway! I yelled his name but he did not hear me. I waved my arms like a crazy woman. I thought maybe the kids would see me but being in a car rather then a van, their view is blocked. He began to pull out!

I ran after the vehicle calling his name, waving my hands, yelling, running.....can you just see it? All the while I am in my slippers and a black hoodie from the military that was my dad's.....my dad retired in 1992! I decide, just like television, I would take my slipper off and throw it! He was close enough I am sure one of the kids would ask what the noise was when I HIT THE BACK WINDOW with my slipper! Apparently, any TV is too much TV! I throw but it was as if my slipper just fell right in front of me, yep, right in the snow! I tried to catch him as he drove off , chasing him on the road with no luck.

So here I am, slippers and an antique hoodie standing in my driveway with snow all around! You have a moment when you are in that position....what does the older couple across the street think of the drama I just gave them! They probably think My Dear and I are at odds......to say the least! It likely spurred a call to friends to share the humor or the "prayer request."

Well, nothing else to do-no key hidden anymore after a few teenagers showed us it was too easy to find by entering our home a couple of years ago...they did not and would not hurt anything but we never replaced it.

I pulled my hood up, secured my slippers and started my hike with a full bladder and nappy head up the street to small group. A family stopped on their way there and since I had slippers on in the snow, I took them up on the offer of a ride. I giggled the entire way there! I called My Dear and he said he got a good laugh out of my message.

Sometimes life gets hard and a moment like this would have really been a problem but this time, it was not. Since the last week had been one of those "hard times" just so happens the isolated walk with a case of the giggles was just what I needed........even in my slippers!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

oopppss! too funny because I can just picture it :)

Jenny G said...

I just love you so much!

Jenny G

zzzzzzzzz said...

LOL! Seriously....my side hurts and I have tears! This could be a Christian version of a SNL skit! By the way...I miss you girly!