Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Lonely Girl

After we shared with the children about the move, My Dear took the little ones to NC to visit grandparents.   I had a conference and he had planned to assist his dad in a project.   It worked out great in that the kiddos could talk freely about the move as maintaining a secret at home until My Dear could share with the church was a bit more challenging.....and not just for me!

Miss B wrote this story for me to have so I would not be lonely while she was gone.   So here is an original by our Little Belle, the Disney version of a bookworm.

"The Lonely Girl True Story"

"Ounce upon a time they was a little girl.   Here parents were thanking about moveing but the little girl did not want to move because that was where all of her frieds lived.   She was very sad but first they went to Grandmother and Grandad.   Then they had to get a dog.  Then they had to buy the stuff for the dog.   Then they had to go to Hati but she had fun there.   And so did her sis and brother and lived happy ever after.   The End   True Story"   (punctuation added.)

Such peace that flooded me as I read "happy ever after."   That God would have the words come from one of the three people that I needed to hear it from most.   I know it will all be okay, and probably better than okay but what a sweet way to give me that peace.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Worlds Collide

I love when people I know meet other people I know and worlds collide!

As you can imagine, the news of our moving to a third world country was not exactly exciting news to our parents.   Not because they do not love the Lord but because, well....they are our parents and we are taking their grandchildren with us.

Grandad has been to Haiti a few times.   In fact, he planned to go with My Dear on a trip last January but an accident kept him from going.   He had to use the ticket soon so, he is there now.   He called us this morning to ask where Baptist Haiti Mission is.

My Dear got an email later this afternoon from our friend Trey who is already at the mission.   He said he saw a guy in a UK t-shirt and being a part of BBN (Big Blue Nation for all of ya'll Hoosiers!) he went over to talk with him.   They chatted for awhile and the man asked if he knew My Dear.....yep, worlds collide as our friend and soon to be neighbor met our precious Grandad.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Walk by Faith: Snowboots to Flipflops

A week ago at church Ms. Lida talked to her kindergarten class about the disciples leaving their old lives and all of their possessions and following Jesus when He called them.   The children were challenged to draw a picture or make a list of what they "cherish" to see that following Christ presents rewards that are far better than the things we hold close.   

Miss B's list read:  (errors included)

MY Litte blanky
My Friends
My Family
My home
My room
Our Toyroom
My bFF
My best budde
My MaMi

the back page continued....

My MoTher
My FaTher
 My sis
My brother

I Love God

This list is pretty precious but for me it was gut wrenching.   I knew something that Miss B. did not.   The God of the Universe was about to call her to give up the front side of her list...okay not give it all up but give up the way she knows it.  The exception would be the little" blanky" and that thing is MIA most of the time.  I held it together like a big girl but when I got home and shared it with My Dear the tears fell.

I look back and see God's hand ALL OVER this and that He has been preparing me for years....years!   It began in the musty basement of Central Baptist Church as a first grader as Ms. Lorena read to us about missionaries around the world.   It continues to a gift trip where we needed to save money to take care of our additional expenses.   God taught me the difference between wants and needs at a deeper level as "need" items in our home broke and I realized they weren't really needs.   A few years after that,precious teen  Annie jokingly (but seriously....which is so "Aunnie") called me a baby clothes hoarder and I knew it was time to let those go as well.  (Cue B. singing "Let it Go" from the Frozen movie as she reads over my shoulder as I type.)

So many things and I can't even begin to type about all of them.   But this I know.   That the God of all of  creation who Created me, knows my heart, my thoughts, my actions and ALL of my past... loves me and sees fit to allow me to serve Him.  

After almost 10 years at our church in Hoosierville, God is calling us to move to Haiti.  We will work with Baptist Haiti Mission to partner to strengthen the church of Haiti.   My emotions have been all over the place and I felt such a huge peace this morning as My Dear shared with the church of what God is calling us to do.   The church was precious as they covered us in prayer and as some family and friends joined us and have confirmed what we know God is speaking to us. 

We will work to raise support to care for our family while in Haiti. We will need to sell our home and a rental house.   We will rid ourselves of most of our earthly possessions especially those snow boots!  By the way, I apologize to all of you who are over winter.   It has all been a gift from God to me as He knows I so enjoy the change of the seasons.   Thanks for being patient as He blesses me with each snowfall!   On a side note, if you don't care for the winter months, plan to visit us next winter.   It is sure to be flip flop weather all winter long!