Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Lonely Girl

After we shared with the children about the move, My Dear took the little ones to NC to visit grandparents.   I had a conference and he had planned to assist his dad in a project.   It worked out great in that the kiddos could talk freely about the move as maintaining a secret at home until My Dear could share with the church was a bit more challenging.....and not just for me!

Miss B wrote this story for me to have so I would not be lonely while she was gone.   So here is an original by our Little Belle, the Disney version of a bookworm.

"The Lonely Girl True Story"

"Ounce upon a time they was a little girl.   Here parents were thanking about moveing but the little girl did not want to move because that was where all of her frieds lived.   She was very sad but first they went to Grandmother and Grandad.   Then they had to get a dog.  Then they had to buy the stuff for the dog.   Then they had to go to Hati but she had fun there.   And so did her sis and brother and lived happy ever after.   The End   True Story"   (punctuation added.)

Such peace that flooded me as I read "happy ever after."   That God would have the words come from one of the three people that I needed to hear it from most.   I know it will all be okay, and probably better than okay but what a sweet way to give me that peace.

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