Friday, August 28, 2009

'Ode to Second Grade

Second Grade Oh, what a gift you have brought!
We did survive Kindergarten, who would have thought!

Those days were so long, as I danced to entertain
Only to hear the letter sounds correctly proclaimed.

We shot water guns at vowels and made graphs about bears
Oh, that he would just give a care!

No desire to learn, "I can't!" He'd proclaim.
When all I wanted was to just stay sane!

Oh but Second Grade, you were worth the wait!
When the boy showed up ready to participate.

The work before him, easy as pie!
For he had earned the admiration of someone more significant than I.

Math, "this is easy" and reading, "I enjoy," for finally the boy learned
that he drives the learning convoy.

He knows he can do it, he has succeeded!
So proud of his accomplishments- Second Grade, I needed!

You see, sister's in Kindergarten,
Here we go again!

But at least this time, I have a friend.
Cheering to the finish, lending a hand,

Oh thank you God for my second grade man!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dear 22 month old Blake,

Dear Baby Blake,
Tonight, I watched you clean your brother and sister's room. You spotted my doing so and joined in, putting things in their proper places. I left the room, but you did not stop until the Little People toys were in their place. You picked up dirty clothes to place in a drawer until I told you they were dirty, then you turned to the hamper in the closet. The big kids were preparing for bed, each in a bathroom, they did not see you, but I did.

As they got into their beds Lydia requested water. I assured her I would get it but you left the room to retrieve an empty cup and brought it to her. We continued to read and pray together when you left and returned again with an empty sports bottle assuming Clay would need a drink too. When Clay suggested cough syrup instead you accompanied me to the kitchen. You waited as I prepared a tiny cup. Then reached for it to make your delivery. I walked away with the medication-you will understand this as you get older. You were heartbroken that I had not allowed you to carry it. In fact, you got a chair and fished through the drawer to find your own tiny medicine cup so you too could care for Clay. The kids did not see your love for them , but I did.

There will be days, as you grow, that I will not see either. Someone is effected by the decisions you make, the care you give or not, a simple action that others may never know about but your Heavenly Father will see.

Dear God thank you for the love that Blake has for her brother and sister and please God, continue to grow the heart of a servant in her. Thank you for keeping your arm around her and loving her far more then I will ever be capable of. In your name, Amen.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Through Mommy's Eyes

Yesterday, I took the kids to Wal Mart. Several toys were clearanced as they make room for the new designs for Christmas. Our Lydia has mentioned wanting a new car for her dollhouse. She has one but it is poorly designed. One was on clearance so I thought maybe I would get it. Lydia saw it and asked if it was for her. I told her it was a gift and I wondered if our cousin Allie had one. I had looked in Lydia's room and decided that she would not get it. The dollhouse and all of its pieces were all over the floor along with other toys. She just had too much to take care of.

Miss Lydia asked later if she could see the car in my closet,she had already found it. She pleaded her case of why she wanted it. I told her my observation and that I was afraid she just had too much. She replied, that she had forgotten something and left the room. She then called for me to see that she had not only cleaned up the dollhouse but her entire room-that she shares with her brother. She cleaned his stuff up too! What a big step for us! She is seeing it through my eyes and she just might be the owner of a new dollhouse car for Christmas.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to School Party

Public school started back this past week. I thought about the boys that have graced our yard this summer and how quiet our days were about to become. I also thought about the excitement that the first day of school holds and that some of those little guys would be going home to empty houses. I wanted them to have someone to tell about their day! So, we hosted an ice cream party. The kids and I did some grocery shopping to pick out goodies for the celebration. The boys all showed up (as usual) and were pretty excited. One guy brought his little sister. I was so glad to see them and hear them talk about their day at school. I have truly grown to love these fellas. Before we ate, I prayed with them thanking God for their great day and the fun summer we had together.

This masterpiece had blueberries in the bottom of it.
The sillies with ice cream on their faces.

This masterpiece had EVERY choice in it.
After ice cream, I had a few water balloons for them. Then they climbed on their bicycles and hit the ramps. What was a mom to do, but join in! Have a SWEET school year!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On My Desk

These are the items that clutter my desk for this week (or month.) What I need to take care of and what boggle my tiny brain.

1. An application for a part time teaching position. Part time rocks for me! I can work a couple hours a day doing something I really enjoy doing and return home to teach the people I really enjoy!

2. The certification paperwork trying to renew my certification in one state so that I can get certification in another. It is one checklist after another.

3. The same green ball in a baggie along with a couple of Lego Pieces to deliver to a friend. I think I can trap her now that school is starting....I know WHERE she will be on Thursdays....(insert evil laugh here!)

4. A LARGE stack of books to go through from a friend who does not allow stuff that can be used, to be thrown into the trash. It just makes sense to share it! She is a missionary in the public school system. Love that gal!

5. A calendar that I just pulled out to look up the new dates for the Vietnam trip to share with a young woman who might be able to go now. It was a hard pill to swallow so to speak, changing dates, but God is bigger than the boogy man! (according to Veggie Tales.) Wonder if He still wants me to go?- God that is, not the boogy man.

6. My Dear just laid 3 cards on my desk from his amusement park trip today. Apparently I can access some pictures from the day.

7. A JC Penny coupon for a $10 instant gift. Bet it lays here until it expires. Shopping for clothes with 3 children is no fun-no fun at all!

8. Birthday cards that I received this week from my Granny, an aunt on each side of the family tree and one that was a big ole' hug from my parents. It is one of those cards you pull out on a tough day and read again.

9. Teaching materials and student books. Lydia started Kindergarten last week then got sick. We will all start on Thursday when Little Man's friends all head back to public school.

10. A note to a lady that I just now recalled where I could get an address to send it. Mental note to take care of that tomorrow and praying that the timing for her to receive it is all God's.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Clay Day

For our children's birthdays, they have THEIR Day! In fact, the day is named after them. They choose what we do to celebrate them on that day. Today was Clay Day! We threw a surprise or 2 into Clay's day for him.

This morning, two of Clay's friends stopped by and wanted to play on My Dear's game system. Because it is his day, the answer was yes. My Dear fixed them cinnamon rolls, one of which had a birthday candle. A great way to start the celebration.

Unfortunately, right after that, our Lydia got sick so I sent the boys out to save them from the yuck! Then I got anxious. We were to take 7 boys to bowl today for Clay Day. I was to go to "the country" to pick 3 of them up while My Dear was in a meeting. But now I was stuck. We looked for help with the boys, with no luck. Our 2 pm party turned into 3 pm. I was home with the girls and My Dear was heading to pick up the last string of boys. I spent much of the morning in the kitchen calling parents and caretakers with the change of plans. Miss Lydia just wanted mommy and carried her can into the kitchen and sat on the floor. I brought her a pillow and he eventually fell asleep there. Pitiful.

The boys and My Dear enjoyed an uneventful day of bowling! That sweet man even took the camera and had pictures for me as well as frosted the cupcakes when he got there. I was eager to hear all about bowling and to check in on how My Dear was holding up. But I so enjoyed cuddling with our little-big girl who desperately needed the cuddling.

Once the fellas were home, we ate dinner and Clay opened presents. He loved them and I loved the joy on his face when he opened them. Miss Lydia laid on the couch and watched. Clay was so kind to allow the girls to help him in opening the gifts from them. Blake got him a saber/sword with a light in it. She LOVED it and would not put it down in the store and as soon as he opened it, she wanted it. Lydia got him a Lego kit-perfect! Mommy gave clothes of course. But daddy got the Man Cub a pocket knife (more like a Pocket Tool but I am not correcting him.) He instantly got older as the little man strapped it to his pants! He then announced it was the best birthday ever!

After the gifts, Clay headed back outside to a drive-way of friends waiting to ooh and aah over his new Pocket "knife." He got to stay out late playing and wanted to stay up late as well. This worked probably because Miss Lydia was too weak to stay awake. As a surprise, the three of us watched a kid movie while eating take-out Chinese! Clay is going to think we do that every night after we put them to bed! He rode with My Dear to get the food and held his fancy light saber out the sunroof-he was BIG stuff! It would have been fun to have passed them.

At a little after 11:00 (because we had not noticed before) My Dear confirmed that the birthday boy was officially 8 years old. I love these holidays. I was sure to tell Clay how he changed our lives forever the day he was born and has brought us so much joy. I think 8 is just GREAT! I love that boy!
the 7 tool pocket "knife"
Opening gifts with Lydia who had decorated her own wrapping paper.
Sharing the saber
His favorite part of the day-other than receiving the knife
the Breakfast Bunch!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The first summer My Dear worked at our church, the kids and I lived in one state and he another. We did not have housing yet nor had we sold our home so we were stuck! My Dear called one night to tell me about an AWESOME event that the church does and how he so badly wanted us to see it!

The Back to School Blow Out is a free event for our community. It is inflatables, a climbing wall, firetrucks, games, a car show and so much more! Free food, free school supplies, free clothes, and prizes: $100 gift cards, plasma television, game systems, notebook computer, i-pods and so one. You get the idea. It is a huge event for our small (and low economial background) community.

This year, for the first time, there was a booth to win a Wii game system, large plasma TV, and a home theater system. All a person had to do to sign up for this drawing was to listen to a person at the booth give their God Story. The person told of who they were before Christ and who they are after Christ. After they listen, then they can choose to pray to ask God for forgiveness for their sins and allow Christ to control their life or not. Either way, they are entered into a drawing for the "set up" of My Dear's dreams!

Tonight, 266 folks heard a God Story. Of those 266, 71 prayed to accept Christ's love and forgiveness and to allow Him to be Lord of their life. SEVENTY-ONE!
I heard my friend Bob say, in this community, that is the size of a church!

My Dear and I got some "face time" with students. The Youth House is such a big deal for this community. Kids' eyes got big when I told them all that the house has to offer. We saw what God did tonight but seeds will continue to spring up as a result. Oh, Little Man took his dirtbike tonight and set it up in the show. It was the smallest bike with the proudest owner. What a great night!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not So Harry Wong

Harry Wong wrote the book, The First Day of School. It was a required reading for one school district I worked which means, they bought each of us a copy of the book.
We are beginning our 3rd year homeschooling but this year, we add a new student! Our middle button starts Kindergarten! When Clay started school, I had plans written out just like in the good ole days of teaching public school. It was as close to Harry Wong as I could get with mom as teacher, one student, and his little sister in the classroom.
Our school books arrived yesterday and Miss Lydia was super excited! Today we started Kindergarten! With big brother, daddy built a room in the basement to call our classroom. It was Harry Wong! Miss Lydia started her school career on my unmade bed! Not exactly Harry Wong. Lydia has been sitting in that classroom right along side of her brother, she knows how this works. Baby girl wanted a piece of the action too and set up shop at the end of the bed with a marker and notepad for (Language Arts?) and magnetic Thomas the Tank cars (I'll call that Science.) She stayed entertained for a while. It was Lydia's first day of school and she was so proud of herself. Oh yeah, my gifts/physical tough girl started her school year with a gift of a new box of crayons and ended the school day with hugs and tickling. Not so Harry Wong-but so Lydia and a great start to her school career!