Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The first summer My Dear worked at our church, the kids and I lived in one state and he another. We did not have housing yet nor had we sold our home so we were stuck! My Dear called one night to tell me about an AWESOME event that the church does and how he so badly wanted us to see it!

The Back to School Blow Out is a free event for our community. It is inflatables, a climbing wall, firetrucks, games, a car show and so much more! Free food, free school supplies, free clothes, and prizes: $100 gift cards, plasma television, game systems, notebook computer, i-pods and so one. You get the idea. It is a huge event for our small (and low economial background) community.

This year, for the first time, there was a booth to win a Wii game system, large plasma TV, and a home theater system. All a person had to do to sign up for this drawing was to listen to a person at the booth give their God Story. The person told of who they were before Christ and who they are after Christ. After they listen, then they can choose to pray to ask God for forgiveness for their sins and allow Christ to control their life or not. Either way, they are entered into a drawing for the "set up" of My Dear's dreams!

Tonight, 266 folks heard a God Story. Of those 266, 71 prayed to accept Christ's love and forgiveness and to allow Him to be Lord of their life. SEVENTY-ONE!
I heard my friend Bob say, in this community, that is the size of a church!

My Dear and I got some "face time" with students. The Youth House is such a big deal for this community. Kids' eyes got big when I told them all that the house has to offer. We saw what God did tonight but seeds will continue to spring up as a result. Oh, Little Man took his dirtbike tonight and set it up in the show. It was the smallest bike with the proudest owner. What a great night!!

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Judy said...

What a great night indeed! I forward your email and blog address to our church staff also.