Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not So Harry Wong

Harry Wong wrote the book, The First Day of School. It was a required reading for one school district I worked which means, they bought each of us a copy of the book.
We are beginning our 3rd year homeschooling but this year, we add a new student! Our middle button starts Kindergarten! When Clay started school, I had plans written out just like in the good ole days of teaching public school. It was as close to Harry Wong as I could get with mom as teacher, one student, and his little sister in the classroom.
Our school books arrived yesterday and Miss Lydia was super excited! Today we started Kindergarten! With big brother, daddy built a room in the basement to call our classroom. It was Harry Wong! Miss Lydia started her school career on my unmade bed! Not exactly Harry Wong. Lydia has been sitting in that classroom right along side of her brother, she knows how this works. Baby girl wanted a piece of the action too and set up shop at the end of the bed with a marker and notepad for (Language Arts?) and magnetic Thomas the Tank cars (I'll call that Science.) She stayed entertained for a while. It was Lydia's first day of school and she was so proud of herself. Oh yeah, my gifts/physical tough girl started her school year with a gift of a new box of crayons and ended the school day with hugs and tickling. Not so Harry Wong-but so Lydia and a great start to her school career!

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Just too sweet!