Thursday, August 6, 2009

Clay Day

For our children's birthdays, they have THEIR Day! In fact, the day is named after them. They choose what we do to celebrate them on that day. Today was Clay Day! We threw a surprise or 2 into Clay's day for him.

This morning, two of Clay's friends stopped by and wanted to play on My Dear's game system. Because it is his day, the answer was yes. My Dear fixed them cinnamon rolls, one of which had a birthday candle. A great way to start the celebration.

Unfortunately, right after that, our Lydia got sick so I sent the boys out to save them from the yuck! Then I got anxious. We were to take 7 boys to bowl today for Clay Day. I was to go to "the country" to pick 3 of them up while My Dear was in a meeting. But now I was stuck. We looked for help with the boys, with no luck. Our 2 pm party turned into 3 pm. I was home with the girls and My Dear was heading to pick up the last string of boys. I spent much of the morning in the kitchen calling parents and caretakers with the change of plans. Miss Lydia just wanted mommy and carried her can into the kitchen and sat on the floor. I brought her a pillow and he eventually fell asleep there. Pitiful.

The boys and My Dear enjoyed an uneventful day of bowling! That sweet man even took the camera and had pictures for me as well as frosted the cupcakes when he got there. I was eager to hear all about bowling and to check in on how My Dear was holding up. But I so enjoyed cuddling with our little-big girl who desperately needed the cuddling.

Once the fellas were home, we ate dinner and Clay opened presents. He loved them and I loved the joy on his face when he opened them. Miss Lydia laid on the couch and watched. Clay was so kind to allow the girls to help him in opening the gifts from them. Blake got him a saber/sword with a light in it. She LOVED it and would not put it down in the store and as soon as he opened it, she wanted it. Lydia got him a Lego kit-perfect! Mommy gave clothes of course. But daddy got the Man Cub a pocket knife (more like a Pocket Tool but I am not correcting him.) He instantly got older as the little man strapped it to his pants! He then announced it was the best birthday ever!

After the gifts, Clay headed back outside to a drive-way of friends waiting to ooh and aah over his new Pocket "knife." He got to stay out late playing and wanted to stay up late as well. This worked probably because Miss Lydia was too weak to stay awake. As a surprise, the three of us watched a kid movie while eating take-out Chinese! Clay is going to think we do that every night after we put them to bed! He rode with My Dear to get the food and held his fancy light saber out the sunroof-he was BIG stuff! It would have been fun to have passed them.

At a little after 11:00 (because we had not noticed before) My Dear confirmed that the birthday boy was officially 8 years old. I love these holidays. I was sure to tell Clay how he changed our lives forever the day he was born and has brought us so much joy. I think 8 is just GREAT! I love that boy!
the 7 tool pocket "knife"
Opening gifts with Lydia who had decorated her own wrapping paper.
Sharing the saber
His favorite part of the day-other than receiving the knife
the Breakfast Bunch!


Melisa said...

Happy Birthday Clay!!!

Zoe said...

Loved seeing your sweet family picture memories. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Yard Sales are one of my least favorite things to do.
You go girlie!!