Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On My Desk

These are the items that clutter my desk for this week (or month.) What I need to take care of and what boggle my tiny brain.

1. An application for a part time teaching position. Part time rocks for me! I can work a couple hours a day doing something I really enjoy doing and return home to teach the people I really enjoy!

2. The certification paperwork trying to renew my certification in one state so that I can get certification in another. It is one checklist after another.

3. The same green ball in a baggie along with a couple of Lego Pieces to deliver to a friend. I think I can trap her now that school is starting....I know WHERE she will be on Thursdays....(insert evil laugh here!)

4. A LARGE stack of books to go through from a friend who does not allow stuff that can be used, to be thrown into the trash. It just makes sense to share it! She is a missionary in the public school system. Love that gal!

5. A calendar that I just pulled out to look up the new dates for the Vietnam trip to share with a young woman who might be able to go now. It was a hard pill to swallow so to speak, changing dates, but God is bigger than the boogy man! (according to Veggie Tales.) Wonder if He still wants me to go?- God that is, not the boogy man.

6. My Dear just laid 3 cards on my desk from his amusement park trip today. Apparently I can access some pictures from the day.

7. A JC Penny coupon for a $10 instant gift. Bet it lays here until it expires. Shopping for clothes with 3 children is no fun-no fun at all!

8. Birthday cards that I received this week from my Granny, an aunt on each side of the family tree and one that was a big ole' hug from my parents. It is one of those cards you pull out on a tough day and read again.

9. Teaching materials and student books. Lydia started Kindergarten last week then got sick. We will all start on Thursday when Little Man's friends all head back to public school.

10. A note to a lady that I just now recalled where I could get an address to send it. Mental note to take care of that tomorrow and praying that the timing for her to receive it is all God's.

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