Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine Idea

WOW! Valentine's Day is almost here! Just wanted to let you know of something I will be doing for our big kids for the holiday, an idea I got from the book, God's Roap Map for Moms. Our kids love the little things so this will be right up there alley! Beginning on Monday before Valentine's Day I will leave little "love notes/gifts" for them. Our daugher's with have a purple heart on it and our son's will have a red heart so there is no confusion-nor do I expect there to be because the gifts are specific to them.

MONDAY: Before bathime, one child will find bubbles on the side of the bathtub and the other will find his own shower gel. Miss Blake may get a new bottle of lotion. I know it sounds simple but these are things they have mentioned.

TUESDAY: Their grandmother recently bought them each a pack of gum and they ate it up in no time. I will place a pack of gum under each of their pillows one morning while they are eating breakfast for them to be found when they make their beds. They have stuck surprises under one another's pillows before and love it.

WEDNESDAY: A treat will be waiting for them when they do their chores- a Little Debbie Snack in the dishwasher and another in the clothes dryer. Baby Blake will find a new treat tucked into the cabinet with a pink heart on it just for her. Those cakes are indeed a treat!

THURSDAY: The children will find a new art supply when they come up the stairs from school. Probably a sketch pad for Clay and something like glitter glue for Lydia will await them on the landing of the stairs. We will be in the art mood since they have art class that day.

FRIDAY: The kids will find a coupon for a trip to PetCo after gymnastics class and maybe a new fish.

Saturday: They will awake to their bedroom doors decorated to let them know how much we love them and how precious they are to us! Baby's door decorated too, just a little lower to the ground so she can rip it all off and drag it through the house! We did this several years ago and I think it is ready for another go around!
Hope you can love on your little ones too this year!


Judy Dearing said...

Oh my gosh Melanie- I love love love this esp that your "little things" are specific and special to each one!

House Family said...

that is neat.. you have such great ideas! I think i will be trying this too... thank you

Rice-Kristi's Treats said...

cute, cute, cute!

Renee Swope said...

Love this idea. You are such a thoughtful mom!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment today. I pray that the baseball analogy will help you capture your 7 year old's concerns and throw 'em in the outfield. I also pray God will replace any worries with the assurance of His love and the power of His promises!


Micca said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I loved yours!! What great idea's you have to love on your kids this month! Mine are teenagers, but you've inspired me to do something similar!

Also, I was touched by your Jenny story! God is using you! Keep pressing on.

Melisa said...

Thanks for sharing your Valentines ideas...it has really inspired me! And, as I read further, I really appreciated your Bible time-line. Always looking for new ideas to teach my kids. Keep them coming. Would you mind if I put your blog on my list of favorites on mine so I can keep up with you better?
Melisa Noe Bell