Monday, February 16, 2009

A Dinner Napkin

When Mark and I were engaged, one of my mother-in-laws used only cloth napkins. She mentioned how easy they were to launder and how much cheaper they must be as well. I decided to try it! I even remember someone laughing at my bridal shower when they heard we were going to use cloth napkins. Well, almost 13 years later--we are still using them!! They are so easy, I just throw them in with the towels to wash and the kids help fold them. I can not even imagine maple syrup without a cloth napkin!

Napkins are usually sold in bundles of 2 or 4. Since there are 3 of us here all the time using napkins, we end up with a mismatched table at times. When this began, we allowed the person with the odd napkin the honor of saying the blessing. Now even when there is a set, the kids grab an odd napkin to bless someone. They love to give this privilege to one another and sometimes even Dad and I get the napkin. You are allowed to choose someone else to say the blessing in your place if you said the blessing at lunch or breakfast already. I have also noticed the kids will come to the dinner table a little faster at times to sit at the seat with the odd napkin.

One evening our son commented on how cool it was that everyone wanted to say the prayer. Indeed it is and just to think it all happened because of a cloth dinner napkin.

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Judy Dearing said...

You know I just love love love your post today!