Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love Languages

Gary Chapman wrote the book The Five Love Languages. With Valentine's Day quickly approaching thought it might be something for you to look at for your valentine:

1. Words of Affirmation this includes all of those "thank you for doing this", "you are great at that", "you always do such a good job" kinda stuff. Give your valentine a note telling them all the reasons you love them or have the kids help write a book of why their parent is the greatest.

2. Gifts just that! Your valentine would like new jewlery, flowers, perfume-gifts!

3. Acts of Service is doing a chore or a yucky job for your spouse.

4. Quality Time your valentine likes to get away, just the 2 of you ,as well as conversations with you and no TV to compete with.

5. Physical Touch is holding hands, snuggling, kissing and intimacy.
I worked in a florist in high school and helped out at holidays during and after college. Valentine's Day was the hardest day of the year. It ranked in comparison of selling cheeseburgers in the infield of the KY Derby! Since this job, I do not appreciate the gift of flowers for Valentine's Day. My husband and I decided to love one another in our own love languages. I helped at the florist that Valentine's Day but came home later that night with wilted roses (like I said a hard day that last longer than one would expect) scattered throughout our home but this time they were indicators of chores my husband has done-dusting, disinfecting our son's changing table, vacuuming...the day to day stuff!

I had emailed family and close friends to help me with Mark's gift. I handed him a 3 ring binder with plastic sleeves containing notes from people he loved. Each note mentioned a quality of Mark that they admired, a memorable story and basically their love for him. There were empty sleeves to add other notes to the binder. When parents or students wrote him notes, we added them to the binder.

This was one of our favorite Valentine Celebrations! Take the quiz at to learn your and your Valentine's Love Language.

Chapman also wrote The Five Love Languages of Children and another for Teens. With the 4 people in our home (since baby is still too young) we have 4 different Love Languages so we have to think outside of our own little boxes.

Hope this helps you to show your love to your Valentines!

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