Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Valentine Week

One thing I neglected to point out in the Valentine post is that I am frugal when it comes to our household! Our family is blessed beyond measure and we do not need for anything! Just thought I would share how this week really turned out and how little effort and cost it was not to mention an added bonus!

Monday- I always have the kids with me so it is difficult to purchase surprises for them not to mention that the store closes at 10pm here. So right after dinner, I shot out the door to do my shopping. I had mentioned to precious man that I needed to go to get stuff before baths. He heard baths. I rushed in with the bubble bath to find 2 sweet girls already soaking but still glad to see that bubbles would be there for her next bath! Man cub was playing cards with dad so I was able to sneak his shower gel back. He was thrown off by the gift and accepted that I just wanted to show him love this week (even though shower gel was not speaking his language today!) Cost for Monday about $3.75

Tuesday- Great Snakes class was held at the library for brother, sister played on computer, girlfriend watched baby as I ran out to the van to place a pack of gum in each booster seat with a note that said, "I will always 'CHEWS' you! Love mom and dad" When we left the library man cub questioned why sister had something in her seat, who put it there? what was it? I just stared at his seat until he turned and looked. He said, "This is the kind I like!" Followed by, "can we have a piece?" Cost of Tuesday less than $2-I haven't a clue how much gum cost! Well worth the smiles and surprises. Lydia made a Valentine at the library and hid it in daddy's drawer-love is contagious!

Wednesday-Divided a box of Cosmic Brownies by Little Debbie-3 for each. Went to hide them in their unmade beds and much to my surprise Man Cub had made his bed!! Slipped his under his pillow and asked sister to go make her bed. Whispered in Man cub's ear to look under his pillow. Sister meanwhile, had decided to whine about having to make her bed. I just smiled knowing she had no clue of why I asked. Clay called for his sister. She returned up the hall with a big smile and I teased her about her whiny performance and she hugged my neck. She was allowed to eat a brownie and then commented that she was going to make her bed. I just love that kid's smile! We see it a lot around here! Cost of Wed. $1.25 of so. Clay loved being on the giving end of the fun.

Thursday-Checked out art supplies on Monday but we did not need anything and the cost was a little more than I wanted to spend. So before art class, I asked the kids to do their chores. Laundry day for Clay and putting away silverware for Lydia. Clay walked to the dryer to see a dollar bill clinging to the glass. Lydia opened the dishwasher to find her dollar in with silverware. She said, "someone washed a dollar!" I said, "I think someone just got a Valentine gift!" Again, the hug and that smile! They put the money away but big plans were building on how to spend it. Thursday cost $2, how easy can it get! Clay made a fancy valentine folding paper in art class for his family.

Friday-Best day by far! We have to go to a neighboring (and larger) community on Fridays for gymnastics class. I told the kids we were taking a pit stop at someplace they like to go but we never go as part of our Valentines week. They asked questions and I answered them. After gymnastics, I spelled P-E-T as the last clue. Clay guessed it right off-PetCo. We looked at cats, mice, rats, snakes, lizards, birds, and fish. Baby girl also enjoyed-esp. the rats! I picked up a light bulb for our small tank. We decided on a small goldfish and the employee caught the exact fish Clay was eyeing. We were about to walk away, since it was suggested only 2 fish in our small tank and we had one at home, but that beautiful smile so sweetly said, "I want one." I had not even thought she would be interested but I was more than glad. The employee asked which one she wanted but she did not care. He told her he would pick out a pretty one for her. Indeed it was. Cost for Friday- 27 cents total and I had the 2 happiest kids on the planet and the pacifier, car seat, and the 30 minute ride home was just what the other one needed. The kids held so proudly to their new pets. Daddy got home just in time for he and Lydia to clean the tank while Clay finished his schoolwork. Best 27 cents I have ever spent!

Bonus for mom-the kids once again fell into the routine of following directions the first time because they never knew if it would be the surprise waiting for them (they try the rules out occasionally to see if they still stand.) ALSO, they were thinking of others and made cards for grandparents and teachers at church and the library.

Saturday -Mark has hung the cards the kids gave us on our bedroom door so they can see that they did give us goodies and we will decorate their doors as soon as I get off the computer!

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope is it PRICELESS!


Melisa said...

love it!

Judy Dearing said...

A planned week with precious memories! Our beautiful valentines arrived yesterday and are proudly displayed!

Rice-Kristi's Treats said...

You are a woman after my own heart! Frugal and creative. I could just see their smiling little faces. You are a great mama!