Monday, September 28, 2009

Giving MY-I to YOU

I was certain the funding for the Spring Mission trip to Vietnam was to be paid for because we would sell a piece of property. But I was wrong. So wrong in fact, that the buyer tried 3 different resources including an auction of her property to buy ours. I hated it for her and to be honest, I hated it for me! That would have been MY money as well as some debt relief. It would have been as exciting as the birth of our babies-without the sleepless nights to follow! In fact, there probably would have been a sleepless night because I would not be able to stop smilin'!! But it did not happen that way. I continue to wait on God, 'cause frankly, I had it all worked out. That must have been the problem.

Meanwhile I learn that a woman who loved me as a teenager is not doing well. This woman gave me a job when she learned I was considering quiting the high school cheerleader squad because I could not afford it. There were days she had to search for something for me to do. Medical bills continue to compound for her. My heart broke as I listened to the details of her story. I am worried about God meeting MY needs. She has needs, I have wants. It totally put my wants in perspective. So, thank you God for not selling the house just yet. I will continue to wait on You as You show me Your plans for this I.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Love" Notes

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all of those who posted their "cling to" scriptures you refer to when life is rough. I had scripture coming in from Facebook friends and emails as well. It was so amazing to me that only 1 or 2 verses were repeated.

The following Sunday, in church, I was unable to sing praises to God. I knew if I opened my mouth the tears would flow! They were already coming at a stream but I know the ocean was right behind them! I stored the words of praise in my heart allowing them to permeate me. I needed God to be all that He is. I started writing the scriptures you sent, down and rummaging through my Bible taking His word in! Oh what a difference! I actually caught myself singing a praise song while I worked in the kitchen one day. No longer tears, but words of praise!

Here is what God laid on my heart...
My friend likes dishes and is very interested in some good 'ole Bybee Pottery (KY) that I have. I knew a pitcher was on her wish list. Now, her mom is also special to me, she reminds me so much of my own mama! She has become our Northern Mamaw. I had bought Mamaw a cookie jar she wanted and plannd to give it to her for Christmas. I wrote the Scriptures you sent me and had others write their own "cling to" verses and filled those puppies up! I had close to 35 pieces of paper not counting the love notes from our Lydia. I am not sure if the scripture was for them or for me but at least they got a nice container out of it! As I was complying, a friend asked me to make a copy for another lady facing a mountain. I left a copy of the scripture with our church secretary to share as needed as well. Looks like a great little ministry had been born from this. Thank you for posting your "cling to" verses and ministering to me and to others who will read these verses!

I fixed a tag for each container that read, "a prescription from the great physician." It most certainly was that for me!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Day in the Life....

Okay, so it is actually a little more than a day but, here goes...
Lydia discovered a "beautiful dress" in her closet. This is the dress that my niece Amber wore in our wedding 13 years ago. Lydia felt like royalty. The lace got hung on her shoe and ripped while wearing it on Sunday. She said, "Well, at least I got to wear it once!" She reminds me of that Amber too! (This picture is the exception to the rule, but then again so are those girls!)
Ms. B is finally changing sizes along with the weather. I drug out some of her cousin's hand-me-downs. Ryleigh is a week older but a year ahead in size-and we are reaping the benefits! B. put these shoes on all by herself. I grabbed the camera and asked if I could take a picture of her new shoes and this is what I got! They are cute, really, they are! Look at her shirt...more teeth are on the way and they brought a runny nose with them!

This Lego creation is one he is most proud of. He took probably 7 pictures of it. From what I hear, it is a lean, mean, fighting machine! If you would like a picture from another angle or an explanation of its design and power, just ask! I have an 8 year old on it!

I love to find them this way. Our house is not large, but it is not so small they have to be conjoined, but I love when they are! Yes, The "Kepe Out!" sign still hangs on the door.

When B. saw the camera out she raced to see the picture. She slants her head to the side to let me know she wants to see it. I asked her to make a funny face and she did. This picture totally cracks me up!!! Hope you and yours made some precious memories today too!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I need your help BLOG friends!!! Please send scripture you cling to and pass on to others in the most difficult of times. My friend, is facing a mountain! I will post later what God has laid on my heart for this family. Here is what I have so far....

Jeremiah 29:11

Romans 8:28

Psalms 37:5-6

Proverbs 3:5-6

Joshua 1:9

Isaiah 26:12

Can't wait to hear what God has laid on your heart for "Mam."

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Labor" Day!

We moved the weekend Clay was born. There was no planning the perfect nursery, just praying for an address because the hospital will not let homeless folks leave with babies.
Lydia, baby #2, arrived while God stirred our hearts to nursery here either.
When expecting baby #3, we had more kids then bedrooms= no nursery decorating. The big kids were moved in together to allow baby napping time without robbing another child of their space as well. This is Miss Blake's little room. The walls are primed and ready for paint for the permanent boarder. (My girlfriend stripped the world's most trying boarder and primed the walls for me as a baby gift isn't that fabulous!!)

Welcome permanent boarder! Clay and dad picked out the colors with recommendations from mom. My Dear calls the colors North vs. the South (navy and grey) interesting since Clay's new interest in the presidents...Abe Lincoln, here we come! Although, George Washington is his favorite because he had red hair-bet you did not know that! Look how stink'n happy Clay is!! Lucky for him, no teeth are needed for this job-ha, another George Washington similarity!

Daddy's lovely assistant in her painting clothes-stained and ready to go-easy to find stained clothes with this vivacious child!

The master painter with his apprentices.

The want-to-be-painter and her opinion of being given a brush but told to stay away from the paint. You can thank me later for not adding sound to this photo...she was pitiful!

Night #1 As excited at the kids were about this project, the evening was difficult. The room was not ready to be slept in so all 3 kids slept in one room. Blake had a hard time falling asleep in her new room therefore, so did everyone else. Then of course, they were all up with the sun, the first person awake was the rooster!

Night #2 The following night, Clay was in his new room. Who would have thought it would be so hard? As we got quiet, he asked if Lydia could sleep in his room...oh, poor guy. I began reading with him but Blake, who was already in bed, was crying and Lydia wanted to fix it so it was a circus! I left Clay to tend to Blake and ordering Lydia back to bed and returned to Clay...repeat. Sadly, the redheads, fell asleep crying an hour or more past bedtime....yuck! Did we do the right thing?

Night #3 Tonight was better, off to sleep he went,exhaustion seems to do that.
Blake cried less. Those in behavior change say, give it 3 nights, and sure enough it was the ticket! We have seen it for getting rid of pacifiers and weaning as well. It just works! I think this room changing is working too!

I finally have rooms to decorate! I have the most precious hanging for Clay's wall and am itching to get it up. It reads, "Like CLAY in the potter's hands." A prefect reminder to him and his mama. Clay has his own sign he made for the door that says, "Kepe Out!" But told Lydia it did not mean her. Not sure who it is for but, hey, the kid has his own room, he will decide!

Sidebar: This is my 100th post!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Natural Habitat

Today we met our precious friends for a day at the zoo! One part of the zoo is divided into habitats. We were able to discuss adaptations animals have to help them survive in their own habitat. So fun learning!!! We were about to enter another building but realized it was closed due to a school field trip. We circled around it, putting us on a stage with seating around it. Our Lydia began to twirl and dance and called to her friends to join in. My friend said, "Now we are in Lydia's natural habitat." What do you think?

Picture taken at a church event. Can you guess which one is our Lydia?