Monday, September 28, 2009

Giving MY-I to YOU

I was certain the funding for the Spring Mission trip to Vietnam was to be paid for because we would sell a piece of property. But I was wrong. So wrong in fact, that the buyer tried 3 different resources including an auction of her property to buy ours. I hated it for her and to be honest, I hated it for me! That would have been MY money as well as some debt relief. It would have been as exciting as the birth of our babies-without the sleepless nights to follow! In fact, there probably would have been a sleepless night because I would not be able to stop smilin'!! But it did not happen that way. I continue to wait on God, 'cause frankly, I had it all worked out. That must have been the problem.

Meanwhile I learn that a woman who loved me as a teenager is not doing well. This woman gave me a job when she learned I was considering quiting the high school cheerleader squad because I could not afford it. There were days she had to search for something for me to do. Medical bills continue to compound for her. My heart broke as I listened to the details of her story. I am worried about God meeting MY needs. She has needs, I have wants. It totally put my wants in perspective. So, thank you God for not selling the house just yet. I will continue to wait on You as You show me Your plans for this I.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

The I instead of HIM. It happens in my life way more than I want to admit for sure. Grant us grace for our low moments. Praying for resolution- God's way.

Judy said...

Oh Melanie - I'm sorry for the disappointment. We know that house will sell one day - in His time. And I also believe funding for Vietnam will be provided!