Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I just saw the date of my last post...how embarrassing!   Truth is, all kinds of blog worthy stuff is going on but since life is so busy, I just have to keep on living it!

It is baseball season for Billy.   Things did not quite work out as we had hoped with his team but I see now how divine the arrangements are.   I have been keeping stats for Billy's team and hanging out in the dug out for crowd control (along with Dolly, Miss B., a bag of coloring books and Kirsten books from the American Girl series.)   Since  so many other distractions present themselves, I sometimes miss stuff in the game.

A young man on our team named Blake has decided to be my assistant and help me keep a count.   He is a cute little thing, Billy enjoys his company, and he is a pretty good ball player!  Blake will seek me out in the dug out and hang close.   He also has a sense of humor which is essential if you are going to spend any time with our circus!

I have prayed why God would have me in a dug out 3 times a week with 2 little girls and strapping me in at the ball diamond.   I do believe Blake may be the answer or at least part of the answer.

Billy and I decided to get Blake's phone number and invite him over to play.   I had briefly spoke with his grandmother at a game about what a cool kid he is.   While assisting in a free meal distribution for children, Blake came to help too!   This sealed the deal and that night, all beds were filled in our home as Blake spent the night.  The boys were laying in bed talking and after I put the girls to bed, I went in to join them.   They were discussing where they were born and talking about their family members.   Blake shared that his mom lived in another state.   I shared with him that my mom lives in the very same state as him mom.   I thought little of it until we went to the pool the next day.

My heart has been broken for the orphan.   I knew, just knew, God would call us to adopt internationally but that has not happened.   Instead, He is placing in our lives, children who are orphaned by at least one parent and some physically and some just emotionally and mentally checking out on their kids.     

While at the pool today, I finally warmed up and got into the water.   I was sure to play with each of the children a bit and keeping our little Miss B pretty close.  But Blake really wanted my attention.   He worked really hard to get it and then chose a silly game for us to play together.   Billy is off doing something else and could care less about hanging with me at the pool.   Our short time together was enough for him, but Blake still lingered.   God then showed me that Blake needed a mother.   So, I played silly games and held hands and hugged this kid who was well aware someone was missing from his life.   He tried every way possible to get to come back home with us but it just would not work for today.  BUT tomorrow there is a free movie and a ballgame so I  will get to hang out with the kid with a really cool name and just pretend to be mama!