Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Word of the Year...finally!

So it is has been a few days....meaning like almost 100 of them, but the time never really came for me to write what the Lord showed me about my word.  As I was writing the other post, it just got longer and I got tired of writing so I knew you would tire of reading.  Speaking of tired, the word the Lord gave me is REST.

I am reclaiming my Sabbath.  The Lord didn't suggest a Sabbath, He instructed it, demanded it.   I have been sinning not following His leadership in this area.  My day is Sunday since we school Monday-Friday and I work on Saturdays.   Resting is not doing that thing that drains you.  For me, schooling and cleaning are draining.  I would much rather read and play games with my family.

You know what I noticed when I rested, I like me.   Not only did I like me, I liked everyone else too!   RESTING has not exactly worked out for me each weekend when I tried.   The first 2 weekends were great!  I had to prepare in advance for my "day off."   It meant sandwiches on paper plates for our meals.   Another week, it meant leaving a pile of dirty dishes for the next day.   As parents, it is hard to take days off.  Our kids are older so it has gotten easier.  I am removing the "work" of my day and replacing it with things that give me pleasure.   The kids and I chatted on this.   We talked about what drains us and what we enjoy doing that "refuels" us.   We try to be mindful of those things.  On the first day, I stood in the doorway of our home and took a deep breath and reminded myself I was to REST!   I laid on the couch and read a book.  The animals loved it, they curled up close to me and took naps.   Naps are a great idea too!  

We are all different so our "refuels" are different.  My Dear likes to cook and bake so he may play in the kitchen for his Sabbath....after his nap and after football if it is football season.   If it seems like work, I try not to do it but if I take pleasure in it, I do it. Dolly loves her animals, mucking a stall is her idea of rest...that totally seems like work to me but it refuels her (cleaning her room...not so much!) 

 I need self-care so that I can serve the Lord with all I have!  I spend 6 days a week splitting my time between serving my family, teaching my kiddos and others and working for Mt. Maid and the mission.   The 7th day, I have got to follow the Lord in what I do with that day too and REST! God created the world and then He rested.  Why would I not need rest?  

I found that when I REST, the week is better.  I am nicer.  More work gets done.   My kids like me!  We all benefit.   I also take time on this day to reflect on things of the Lord and we lead our children to do the same.   We typically go to church together and then come home to read a book together.  We are currently reading, Live Smart:  Preparing for the Future God Wants for You by Dan Dumas.    We all benefit and enjoy this quiet time together.   I read something that leads me to a closer relationship with the Lord, my Bible or another book.   I sing or listen to music while we move about the house.  It is rarely a solo, someone always joins in.   Today, it was 4 of us singing the same song at different times...apparently, that works for us. 

Our Sundays do not usually come with electricity so it is easy to say NO to laundry and vacuuming.  I do spend some time lesson planning for the week, but it doesn't drain me and if I feel like it is, I just get up earlier on Monday to get things set up for the week.  

So, I have neglected for months to write this post but to be honest, it felt like work.  Our time in the states made it difficult to rest because we would much rather be in fellowship with other believers.   But now, we are home and I need to rest.   So when Sunday rolls around again, you might find me laying on the trampoline with a book and Chester the dog.   Even Chester wins when I am obedient to REST!